Should You Advertise on Your Company Vehicle With Decals?


Should You Advertise on Your Company Vehicle With Decals?

If you have a company vehicle, you could be missing out on a huge advertising opportunity. Think about it – if there is a company vehicle, then that usually means that someone is driving it. Maybe it is for deliveries, maybe you use your vehicle to actually do your business, or maybe the vehicle is just an incentive for your top performers. No matter the reason, you should use your company vehicle to advertise your business.

On the Road Again

Think about the last several times that you drove the company car. Was it mostly freeway or interstate driving? If so, did you get stuck in traffic at all? Was it mostly in town driving? If so, how many stoplights stopped you before you arrived at your destination? And while you were in slower moving traffic or stopped at a stoplight, what did you do? Often, the answer to that question is you looked at the back of the car in front of you.

Did you notice anything special about that car? Maybe the driver had vanity plates that made you chuckle. Maybe they had a bumper sticker that made you think. Or maybe it was a truck with a logo for your favorite fast food restaurant that made you hungry enough to think about lunch. Think about it – that was advertising.

Decals get the Message Across

If you’ve ever been behind another car while driving, we know you have read the decal or the bumper sticker that they have. Doesn’t it make sense that the person following you would do the same? Here is where decals come into play. Decals on your car will get read, and the right decal will make a lasting impression.

Pay Once for a Message that Could Reach Millions

The great thing about window decals is that you only pay for them once. If you purchase a newspaper ad, you only get that set run time in the newspaper. Same with a sales flyer – once it has reached the audience, its purpose is done. It is seen by one person or one family, and that’s the extent of its scope. You have to buy millions of flyers to be able to reach millions of consumers.

Alternatively, you only buy window decals once. You apply them to your car, and you drive. Everyone that sees them gets the message. Every time they see you afterwards, the message gets cemented into their mind. Even if they don’t buy your product today, the more they see you, the more they think about it, and the more likely they are to buy from you. When properly cared for, a window decal can last for years. How many other advertising methods can claim such benefits?

Easy to Use and Limitless Options

Window decals are easy to use. They generally require you to clean the window or other surface where they will be applied, and then you simply stick them on. Plus, they come in a wide variety of options – you can get static cling ones that can be removed and stuck elsewhere, adhesive ones that will permanently stick to your car, or bumper stickers. You can choose to have your website, your phone number, a catchy slogan, or your logo printed on the bumper stickers. There are so many options that you are sure to find something that will appeal to you and your consumers.

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