Learn One Horse Racing Handicapping Factor at a Time and Succeed at Horse Race Betting


Learn One Horse Racing Handicapping Factor at a Time and Succeed at Horse Race Betting

What are the keys to successful horse race betting?  Many people would say, being able to handicap a horse race.  Others would say it is simply a matter of managing money properly.  There are also people who would argue that the only way to succeed at horse racing is to know someone on the inside.  

While each of these arguments has some validity, I think the best way to succeed when you bet on horses is to be able to handicap a horse race and put a fair value on each horse.  Then, to shop for the best bet on the odds board.  Finally, you must budget your money so that you don’t get wiped out by a losing streak and do show a profit from your bets.

As for the luck, it is a basic ingredient in every life recipe.  The only way to have it is to try to do something and see which way it falls.  Sometimes you’ll have good luck and other times, bad luck.  I can tell you this however, it you don’t try, you can’t win.  Also, when it comes to luck, aligning yourself, or partnering with successful people, like winning trainers and jockeys, is the best way to attract luck to yourself.

The handicapping factors that you must master in order to win at the horse races are…

1. Speed
2. Class
3. Pace
4. Form
5. Jockey and Trainer, also known as connections

The best way to learn each one of these is to focus on one at a time.  Keep notes, so you will be able to chart your progress.  Learn from your mistakes.

For example, start with one race track and keep accurate speed figures for horses in their last three races.  Separate them by the class of the race.  After a month or so you will know how important speed is, and how big an advantage in speed a horse needs to win10% of the time, 20% of the time, etc.  After you have a good feeling for how speed figures in handicapping, move on to class.  Use the purse of the horse’s last three races to determine its class.  Once again, keep accurate notes and you will know how class affects the results.

At this point you will know more than 90% of the people at the race track.  They are the people you are competing against.  If you don’t believe it, just walk around and ask people in the crowd how big a factor speed and class are and listen to the explanations and answers you get.  After a while, you’ll be wishing you’d brought a shovel and had worn your hip boots.

As you master each factor you will see how the edge that a horse has computes into dollars in the pools.  Then you will be able to spot a value bet.  For instance, if you know class is more important than speed and yet a speed horse is over bet (this happens a lot) then you will know that a bet on the class horse is a good bargain.  That is how you make money at horse race betting.

If you want to learn how a horse owner and insider handicaps just go to http://williewins.homestead.com/truecb.html and get the truth. Bill Peterson is a former horse race owner and professional handicapper. To see all Bill’s horse racing material go to Horse Racing Handicapping videos and Articles, Bill’s handicapping articles and videos.

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