Your Truck Needs the Best Tonneau Cover


Your Truck Needs the Best Tonneau Cover
If you are looking for a new tonneau cover, you should look at many factors. For instance, if the price ranges from $ 250 all the way up to well past $ 1500, not all tonneaus are the same. So, which one is going to be best for you?


The cheapest cover may not be the best choice for meeting all of your truck beds’ needs, whereas you may not need all the benefits that the $ 1500 tonneau provides, and therefore you waste money. Whether you’re looking for a Ford tonneau or a Nissan tonneau, you can be certain there is a style out there that fits your needs and looks good on your truck. Here’s a breakdown of different tonneau cover styles, so you can have a better idea of which one is best for you.


Soft Roll Up Tonneau Covers

Soft roll up tonneaus are a fast, easy and less expensive option for people looking to protect the contents in their truck bed. Made of vinyl, these soft tonneaus roll up and get out of the way in seconds. They’re typically easy to install and even easier to use. But, soft roll up tonneaus don’t offer as much protection as hard tonneaus. They seal weather out, but conniving thieves can still make their way in. If theft isn’t a big concern of yours, and you mainly just want to keep your payload safe from harmful weather damage, a soft roll up cover will satisfy your needs and your budget.


Hard Tonneau Covers

Hard tonneau covers deliver much more truck bed protection than soft covers. They typically come equipped with heavy-duty locks and durable shocks, making them easy to operate and nearly impossible to break into. Hard tonneaus come in folding, retractable, hinged and butterfly designs to make accessing your payload a breeze. For the best looking Nissan tonneau, Ford tonneau, or any other major truck brand, you can equip your rig with a fiberglass tonneau cover. Fiberglass Nissan tonneaus and Ford tonneaus are paint matched to give your rig maximum style. But, all of this protection is going to cost you a bit more than a soft roll up cover. Hard tonneaus typically cost anywhere from $ 500 to the $ 1500+ range, with the fiberglass tonneaus hitting that upper range.


Tool Box Tonneau Covers

If your Ford or Nissan has a crossover toolbox, you’re going to need a Ford tonneau or Nissan tonneau that fits with a toolbox. Tool box covers are custom made to fit your truck bed even with your toolbox in place. And, some tool box covers even come with a toolbox too. Depending on the style, these covers can cost as little as the $ 250- $ 450 range, but can get much higher than that.


With so many options available, like soft tonneaus, hard tonneaus, a Ford tonneau, a Nissan tonneau and more, the options can be overwhelming. Here’s an easy-to-understand breakdown of the different tonneau styles.

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