World Super Rich People’s Cars


World Super Rich People’s Cars

If you become a billionaire, what will you do with a huge amount of  money? As for some richest men in the world, owning luxury goods and real estates is one effective way they show their properties. However, other richest ones seem to be modest when using normal items instead. Here is the list of some cars that belong to the world’s super rich people.


Warren Buffett (Wealth: US$ 49.9 billion)

Warren Buffett, the investment King of United States, is the world’s third richest man but he only has got a 2001 Lincoln Town Car due to his economical lifestyle. Actually, Buffett sold the car through eBay for US$ 73.2 thousand in 2007, which helped him receive US$ 11 thousand interest. The money then was donated to charity.

Warren Buffett and his car, 2001 Lincoln Town Car


Mukesh Ambani (Wealth: US$ 30.6 billion)

Ambani, a petrochemical and oil businessman, is the richest man in India and very famous for his luxury lifestyle. The owner of Reliance Group possesses one private house like a tower with 60 floors in the heart of Mumbai and parking space for 168 cars. He also has a Mercedes Maybach 62, a Mercedes S Class and Mercedes SL500.

Mukesh Ambani and his car, a Mercedes Maybach 62

Mercedes SL500


Mercedes S-Class


Lawrence Ellison (Wealth: US$ 29.8 billion)

The founder of Oracle software, Larry Ellison, may be the most eccentric and extravagant rich man. He now owns a Russian-made MiG jet fighter planes, a luxury sailboat and an expensive 2006 Bentley Continental Flying Spur for the air, sea and ground transportation. His four-door sedan is one of the world’s fastest cars and can be driven up to 320 km per hour.

Lawrence Ellison and his car, 2006 Bentley Continental Flying Spur


Eike Batista (Wealth: US$ 29 billion)

Like Larry Ellison both in terms of wealth and lifestyle, the Brazilian mining and oil businessman Eike Batista has a private jet Embraer Legacy 600 that is priced at US$ 26 million, the Pershing 115 luxury yacht worth of US$ 19 million and a US$ 1.7 million racing boat. Besides, he possesses a U.S.$ 500 thousand Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren that is parked in his living room in Rio de Janeiro.

Eike Batista and his car, Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren


Ingvar Kamprad (Wealth: US$ 23 billion)

Swedish IKEA Furniture Entrepreneur, Ingvar Kamprad, is even much more efficient than Warren Buffett when he only has an old Volvo, 240 GL.

Ingvar Kamprad and his old car, Volvo 240 GL



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