What is the Right Size of the Graphics on Your Website?


What is the Right Size of the Graphics on Your Website?

Each aspect of your website design is important for your online business as the website visitors want to create the first impression about your products and business from the website design. 

Images are one of the major components of website design that create instant impression on your visitors. Therefore, it is necessary that the images should be relevant to your business, and of proper size so as to draw the attention of the traffic. 

You might have noticed some webpages with very small images that are too small when compared to the page size:

If the sizes of the images are too small, chances are there you visitors can’t get any idea from the pictures. 
On the other hand, some images are simply too big. With big images, the webpages take longer time to download and, in between, you may lose your potential clients.

20 KB, or smaller than that, is the ideal size of image for any website. Smallest size images are best, but make sure you retain the quality of the images. 

Often the novice webmasters do the mistake of keeping large number of full size images on their website. 

The number of image also affects the load time of your webpage. 

Use of many full size images on your website also lengthens the size of your webpage. Sometimes, one or two imag are enough to solve your purpose. 

If it becomes essential to keep too many images on a single page, you can use smaller thumbnails to represent the images. 

Thumbnails give a good idea about the larger view of the same images and take less time to load than the full size images. 

Poorly made graphics can affect the conversion rate of your website for, to some extent, the images and pictures build credibility of your business.

The right size of the image is decided by the importance of image for your website and business. 

If your online business really needs an image, make sure the picture that you are using is relevant to your business. 

But, before you start with designing your webpage, it is also crucial that you consult an expert web designer about the size of the images. 

JPEG and GIF are the popularly used formats for web graphics. Web designing software such as dreamweaver, frontpage, are useful to resize the display dimension of the images. 

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