Wall Stickers- The Amazing New Trend in Home Decor


Wall Stickers- The Amazing New Trend in Home Decor

The greatest trick of interior designers is to know how to change the effect of a whole room by simply adding a few new accents. One of the easiest ways to do this today is to use wall stickers or decals, the amazing new trend in home decor.

One of the key trends this year is that of Trompe L’oeuil. Pronounced ‘tromp loy’, it literally means ‘deceive the eye’ in French and refers to the particular style of painting whereby the artist creates an illusion of space and paints an apparently three dimensional image on the wall within the context of the surrounding architecture. Wall stickers are a great way of adding this witty element to your room design. For instance, why not add a hat stand to your hallway? For added reality you can add a real hook to the wall sticker so you can actually hang your coat on it! Or you could add a baroque fireplace or dressing table to your bedroom for a fun twist on traditional glamour.

If you would like to create the ever popular effect of bring the outside in to your home there are beautiful nature inspired designs. Winter Trees or Spring Branches will create a very restful and contemporary feel to an otherwise neutral scheme.

If you want to add a cool urban vibe to your interiors then there are many graphics to choose from. From London Underground signs to Parisian rooftops the only limit is your imagination. These look particularly great in city loft apartments juxtaposed with exposed brick walls.

If your child’s bedroom is looking a bit tired but you don’t want the hassle of a full re-decoration job why not update it with some of the fabulous kids decals available. For girls there are gorgeous Carousel Horses and a Banksy inspired Girl With hearts. For Boys you could choose space themed designs like Mars Attacks or the ever popular Train motif.

The best part is they can be easily removed and they are incredible value for the huge impact they make. Search online for the best choice and great deals on wall stickers for your home or office.

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