Wall Stickers: Fast Fashion For Your Wall


Wall Stickers: Fast Fashion For Your Wall

We have gown accustomed to fast fashion for our wardrobes; updating our look with new accessories, even learning to customize our clothes to keep up with the latest trends. Most of all we have learn to be bold, to experiment with new styles and to have fun with fashion. Unfortunately our homes have lagged behind. We have been content to look at the same four walls and tired furniture and have shied away from change. Maybe it is because the cost of redecoration is so expensive. Who can justify new furniture every year to keep up with trends? Well now you don’t have to – fast fashion for our homes is here and the name for it is Wall Stickers.

So what are they? They are precision cut from vinyl, self-adhesive, easy to apply and remove and very good value. What do they look like? The vinyl is very thin and usually has a matte finish so it looks just like the graphic has been painted on to your wall. They are applied in the same way that a transfer or temporary tattoo would be applied to your arm. Anyone can do it, so no expensive labour is required. Best of all the choice of designs is enormous. There is something for everyone and for every room in the house.

So what is fashionable right now? Several trends are at the forefront this year. For a dramatic effect we love some of the huge designs available. Why not cover a wall with a Birch Forest? For a fraction of the cost of using the very fashionable tree wallpapers on the market right now you could get the same look with wall transfers. Stag’s heads have been everywhere in high fashion interiors this year and again this look can be emulated using wall decals.

For the kitchen there are some cute graphics such as trompe l’oeuil of shelves and mugs. For bathrooms you can buy repeating patterns to add to plain white tiles. For the nursery there are some beautiful choices – forget Disney and go for something timeless like children on a swing. Why not add a hatstand to your hallway or a chandelier to your dining room? The choices really are endless.

Large format stickers are great for making a big impact on a low budget. Something that would cover a feature wall can cost as little as £75.00. For something that adds a quirky detail rather than dominating the space the cost is considerably less.

If you are wondering why you haven’t come across them on the high street I’m sure this will change soon as retailers take their cue from the internet. In the meantime just search for wall stickers online and you will find an array of gorgeous products to make your home as fashionable as you.

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