Wall Stickers – Easy Peasy?!


Wall Stickers – Easy Peasy?!

I have spent my entire life studiously avoiding DIY of any kind. Any minor attempts I made have always ended in disaster – paint on the carpet instead of the walls, shelves that just won’t stay up … you gets the general idea. So why did I decide to try applying a large scale wall sticker of Trees with Falling Leaves? I was so bored of the white walls in my rented flat that I decided it had to be worth a go. After all, what was the worst that could happen? They can be removed easily so I couldn’t damage the paintwork or the floor. However, I was fully expecting to make a hash of the application and have to consign the sticker to the bin.

The wall sticker arrived and was supplied with a short list of instructions that sounded surprisingly simple. The wall must be clean and dry – check. I decided to attach the corners of the wall sticker with masking tape as it advised for larger designs. The tricky part here was getting it straight and at the right height as it had to reach the skirting board at the bottom. After a few attempts I was happy with the position so I then began to peel away the backing paper from the top right hand corner. I used the supplied scraper to remove any bubbles, as instructed. It all seemed to be going very well. Occasionally a small part of the vinyl seemed to want to stay fixed to the backing paper and I had to push the backing paper back down and scrape over it again. Gradually the whole sheet was adhered to the wall and the backing paper was removed completely. Then came the job of peeling away the transfer paper. I hardly dared breathe as I began to pull it away but to my amazement it came away very easily leaving a beautiful image of two trees that looked as though they had been painted on to the wall. I then had the fun job of positioning the falling leaves and birds that are supplied separately and voila! An hour after I had begun I was delighted to see a beautiful work of art adorning my boring white wall.

Believe me, if I can do it anyone can. If you can find a friend to help it would make it even easier the positioning and handling is a little tricky for one person. What surprised me the most was that I actually enjoyed it. So, if you are tired of boring plain walls and are looking for a simple solution, follow my lead and try a wall sticker – Easy Peasy!

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