Wall Stickers Al Fresco


Wall Stickers Al Fresco

Unless you’ve been living in a box you have probably picked up on the latest trend for home interiors; wall stickers. They have been all over Interior Magazines for the last two years and the variety of styles is mouth watering. What you may not already know is that they can also be used outside our homes. Welcome to the world of Alfresco wall stickers!

Just about all the wall stickers available are suitable for exterior use as well as interior use. If you’re not sure check with the company who are selling the stickers. Although they will last longer inside they are usually guaranteed for an amazing 5 years for exterior use.

So where can they be applied? They must always be applied to a clean smooth surface. In the garden this could be a wall covered with smooth render or a panel or fence constructed from painted marine ply. They can also be applied to glass or smooth stone surfaces. Make sure that the surface is thoroughly cleaned of all dirt and particularly of any lichen or green growth that may be present in an exterior environment.

Finally what sort of designs could work well in the great outdoors? There are some amazing nature inspired visuals, such as large scale trees, dandelions or poppies. These would be fabulous to soften an urban garden with lots of hard surfaces. There are beautiful balustrade stickers which could add character to a glass balcony or plain wall. Or why not add some great architecture in the shape of Parisian rooftops or a Big ben wall sticker?

We have all heard of bringing the outside in… now it is time to take this great new interiors trend and take the inside out! This Spring have fun and use wall stickers to add character and style to your alfresco living space.

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