Vince DelMonte Review – No Nonsense Muscle Building


Vince DelMonte Review – No Nonsense Muscle Building


No Nonsense Muscle Building was developed by Vince DelMonte, a former Canadian Fitness Model champion, who has been researching and promoting effective natural bodybuilding and fitness methods for nearly a decade.

DelMonte was a skinny guy who considered himself a “hardgainer”. It was very hard for him to gain muscle mass even when he lifted weights. After literally getting hit by a truck while competing in a triathlon, DelMonte was extremely unsure of his future health and fitness. He credits meeting a former national bodybuilding champ (who wishes to remain anonymous) with helping him to learn to build his body using “long-forgotten, old-school, natural” techniques. Building on the foundation of this transformational experience he created the Vince DelMonte fitness program to teach others how to develop their bodies without wasting time and money experimenting with useless supplements.

The No-Nonsense Muscle Building Program, the name given to Vince DelMonte’s fitness approach, explains how to stimulate the body’s muscle building hormones naturally. It also covers which supplements work and which don’t. The program emphasizes that you can limit your workouts to an hour of intense exercise three times a week, give your body plenty of time to rest and recover, and get better results than if you exercise five times a week. Mr. DelMonte states that his program will work even if you have some of the worst muscle building genetics around, as he claims he himself has.

Vince’s approach is broad and comprehensive. He explains the theory behind his workouts, includes detailed meal plans and diet tips, supplementation, how to prevent injuries, stretching and bodyweight exercises, plus tips on testosterone and cortisol levels.


The No Nonsense Muscle Building program has received endorsements from an unusually large number of renowned health experts and the list continues to grow. It has also received highly favorable reviews from actual customers who have used the system.


DelMonte’s approach to fitness is based on periodization weight training. Generally this involves a planned course of progress over time where various training elements like repetitions per set, number of sets per muscle group, number of exercises per session, intensity or load (heart rate or amount of weight or resistance), rest periods between sets, and so on, can be manipulated in an attempt to optimize results. This form of training has been used successfully by athletes training for particular events, competitions or sports where a training schedule is planned to peak at a set time or where specific body parts are targeted to reach desired peaks of conditioning.

The major rival form of weight training, perhaps more common and simple, is called High Intensity Training (HIT). The fundamental principles of HIT are that exercise should be brief, infrequent, and intense or performed with a very high level of effort. The only training element usually adjusted with this approach is the amount of weight used for each exercise. Ideally, this is continually increased over time while still pumping out a set of 5 to 7 repetitions (reps).

Advocates of both styles of training insist their method is best, though the more I have researched the comparison the less I can see any clear winner. If one method works well for you then it is obviously better than one that doesn’t or that you haven’t tried. Some trainers suggest HIT training until you reach a strength plateau where you just don’t seem able to increase the weight for your minimum number of reps. Then they suggest switching to a form of periodization or different exercises, as a way to stimulate different muscle fibers and make a breakthrough. The HIT method often encourages pushing the muscles to failure. In contrast, Vince cautions to avoid overtraining and views adequate rest and recovery as a kingpin to consistent muscle growth.

DelMonte’s program also focuses on nutrition, stretching, rest, minimal supplementation, following a plan and taking advantage of a proper understanding of how the body works. The Vince DelMonte fitness system is targeted at those who have tried traditional weight training methods without achieving their desired results, those who DelMonte calls ‘hardgainers’.

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