Used Cars Buying Checklist


Used Cars Buying Checklist

Even though the effects of the  economic crisis have been felt in both the used and new auto sales markets, people are slowly starting to buy cars  again. Calgary used cars market is starting to get back on its feet and car  fairs are full of cars  buyers again. If you found your ride at Used Cars Calgary fairs or any other used cars fairs, expect some nasty surprises. Buying a second hand car is like playing the lottery. If you don’t want to throw the dice blindly, get well informed before investing your money.

Search for more deals that fit your budget and go to see as many cars as you can. First impressions count, but don’t rely on this alone. Similarly, if you don’t like a car at  first glance, its useless to go for a test drive. Often, the look of a car’s exterior and interior says a lot about how it was maintained.

Check if the car has had any accidents! Many vendors try to hide any car accidents, but you can easily detect this with a summary inspection. A first check can be done on the body lines. They must unite and continue with no difference. For example, the front door should continue to the back naturally. In addition, check the paint. If the car was repainted, a small leak or peel appearance can be seen.

Another test which is very simple is to check the windows (windshield, rear window, doors-windows). Here,you should find the year of manufacture of the glass, which usually coincides with the car’s production year. In other cases the series glass front doors must be identical, as well as those on the rear doors. Also, all windows must be made by the same manufacturer, inscribed above the series. If the car has not suffered any major incident, all these numbers must be identical. When differences arise in years and manufacturers , its a clear sign that they have been replaced, possibly after a major accident.

Brake discs can also give you an idea about how the car was driven. If their surface is not uniform but wavy, it means the brakes have been used in a sudden, violent way. This is a sign of aggressive driving.

Calgary Used Cars market is complex yet diverse and there haven’t been too many complaints of scams around used cars Calgary fairs, but you should always be well informed before investing your dollars. In conclusion, don’t expect  a second hand car to be perfect.


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