Types Of Rental Cars


Types Of Rental Cars
There are many choices to make, if you have decided to travel for work or a vacation. If you have decided that you want to drive to your destination, but you do not want to put all of that wear and tear on your car, or perhaps you do not even have a car, then you are going to need to decide which type of rental car will best suit your needs.

Of course, with the diversity of cars on the road, rental places now have a great range of options for you to choose from. There are cars set up to save you money, save you space, and even use less gas, depending on what will work best for your needs. Here are some different types of rental cars:

The economy or “sub compact” car is one of your lowest price rentals. Economy cars tend to be fairly small, with an emphasis on good gas mileage. If you will be driving a lot, or even driving in a bigger city, this type might be perfect for you. They usually come with two doors, however, and are not a good choice if you plan to have many people with you. An uncomfortable ride can make any trip a little worse.

The compact car is next on the list for low prices. Still a fairly small call, the compact can be perfect if you want comfort, and decent gas mileage. You can usually choose to have either two or four doors, and will most likely get five seat belts, but if you are headed for a long trip, any more than four will likely be cramped.

The intermediate car is your first step up for power and comfort. Although you are not likely to get horrible gas mileage, it should be much easier for you to climb those big hills without losing speed. You will have four doors, and passengers should have enough leg room, with four or five people fitting comfortably.

A full size car tends to be built for comfort. If you have a four or five person tripping coming up, and you want to have everyone comfortable and safe, the full size could be your best choice. Your gas costs will be a bit higher, but you should not have to visit a chiropractor after your trip. You will have four doors and plenty of wiggle room for everyone.

Lastly, you have your specialty, or “luxury” cars. This category can cover a wide range, from trucks and SUVs to convertibles and sports cars.

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