Turbo Kits – the most efficient thing for your car


Turbo Kits – the most efficient thing for your car

The first question which comes in one’s mind before buying a Turbo kit is what exactly a Turbo kit is? Turbo kits allow you to increase the horsepower of the car engine. The main function of a Turbo kit is to boost up the power of the engine by sending compressed air into the engine. With just a basic research one can easily come to know what Turbo kits are? They give your car a huge boost of horsepower along with a pleasing sound.

We all are being questioned that how much horsepower does a turbo kit adds to the car engine? Mostly a Turbo kit boosts up the horsepower by 40-70% on a simple engine. But it is important to have a tuned engine with the Turbo kits if you want the best performance from your car. Turbo kits perform best when it is coupled with a cold air intake system or we can say the best way to win a sure shot race is to have a complete set of Turbo kit.

A turbocharger in a Turbo kit sends compressed air into the engine and this gas powers the turbine wheel to make it rotate. The turbine wheel connected by a shaft to the compressor wheel spins faster and faster causing the wheel to spin faster. The compressor compresses the air before it goes into the engine and before the dense air enters the chamber, a cold air intake system helps to keep the temperature down before the air is entered into the combustion chamber.

But before you add a Turbo kit or a turbo charger to your engine, you need to pay heavy attention on the air and fuel mixture ratio as negligence can cause damage and even detonation. So the Turbo kits must be dropped into a car with the help of a professional mechanic only to save time money and obviously your and someone’s life. So if you like loud and fast cars, Turbo Kits can turn your car in just the way you want and it’s even your car needs.

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