Train Horn Kits Are a Great Way to Replace Repair a Broken Car Horn


Train Horn Kits Are a Great Way to Replace Repair a Broken Car Horn

The purpose of a vehicle’s horn is to alert other drivers and pedestrians. By law, all motorized vehicles (even motorcycles) are required to have a working horn. It is relatively simple to identify the size of the vehicle approaching by the pitch of its horn. Smaller vehicles generally have a higher pitch sound while larger vehicles, trucks and semi tractors have a much lower tone. This is a great way for the person hearing the warning to discern what’s coming their way without having to find the source of the sound.
If your vehicle does not have a properly working device to alert other motorists and pedestrians to your presence, it must be replaced. Since you need to spend the money and do the work anyway, you might want to consider upgrading to a more impressive sound that is reminiscent of a locomotive’s shout.
Train horn kits vary greatly in sound as well as construction from the device that came standard from the factory. Those installed at the factory are either a computerized audio system, so when the device on the steering wheel is compressed it signals the computer to play the sound. The other variety is an electromagnetic device, which works by a magnet that is turned on and off to make the sound by causing a diaphragm to vibrate.

On the other hand, train horn kits, contain an air compressor which fills an air tank so that when the button is depressed the compressed air is released through a valve into the rest of the apparatus causing a very loud sound that mimics that of a diesel operated locomotive.

There are a number of options available that vary in decibel level or loudness as well as sound quality. If you decide to replace the broken device on your vehicle with one of these kits, be sure to thoroughly research the available products to ensure you get exactly the sound and quality you desire.

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