Total Quality Management and Its Building Blocks


Total Quality Management and Its Building Blocks

The title is almost self-explanatory; still a brief definition of TQM by “International Organization for Standardization (ISO)” will help you in coming to terms with this system. It states, “TQM is a management approach for an organization, centered on quality, based on the participation of all its members and aiming at long-term success through customer satisfaction, and benefits to all members of the organization and to society”. Although, such exemplary business models that act in accordance with all these requirements (especially the last one about society) are hard to find, but this all-inclusive business standard (known to be a product of Japanese industry) is worth putting into practice. First because it calls for an equal level of dedication and contribution from all levels and departments of organization, second because it focuses on quality and third and the most critical, it lays emphasis on customer.

It starts with customers & ends with consumers:

Total Quality Management approach has the customer on the top priority for all business decisions. It presents “customer satisfaction” as the key to the “long term success”. Many times businesses are carried away by some glamorous product coming from their competitors, or a low-cost alternative, while compromising on customer requirements. “Total Quality Management” theory lays emphasis on making products or services with customer satisfaction in mind, not your personal preferences, not the competitors, not anything else, nothing, nada, zip.


Literally, the word means a set of standards while in business language a product is a quality product if it provides your customer more than what he/she was actually anticipating (usability and durability vise), for the given price. Nowadays, there’s so much competition that you should not be offering anything at all if the product you are offering is not a quality product. Apart from the product, your customer support should be of excellent quality as well.

“Total” is for “team effort”:

In the set of guidelines known as “Total quality management”, the word “total” symbolizes team work. As a business, you’d not be able to come up with a quality product unless all departments of your company are not into it. Total quality management is not only for manufacturing department or for marketing section or purely for upper level management; you need to get each and everyone on board. Define the tasks for everyone; make them realize their significance and the contribution they can make towards company’s success. Leader’s function become much more significant, supervisors and managers should be leading from the front.

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