Things You Need To Know About Custom Wheels


Things You Need To Know About Custom Wheels

Car lovers go for custom wheels because they simply look cool and they also improve their car’s performance and handling. Custom wheels were actually first developed in the 1850s and 1960s when race car drivers developed magnesium wheels since they were much lighter than the steel ones, thereby enhancing performance and cutting their race times significantly. The racers called them ‘Mags’, a term that is still widely used today. However, there is a drawback because most magnesium wheels are not suitable for daily driving because they are far too fragile for daily use. Moreover, magnesium oxidizes quickly and requires almost constant cleaning and polishing. This problem is the reason why you don’t see custom wheels crafted from magnesium.

Luckily, the custom wheel market today offers light weight aluminum alloy wheels that provide the necessary strength and come in various finishes while significantly reducing wheel weight. This is a key factor in modern custom wheels because the weight reduction translates into better acceleration and braking. While most auto enthusiasts choose aftermarket custom wheels for their stylish looks, there are actually a lot of essential performance benefits that can be derived from reducing the weight of the wheels compared to factory steel wheels. For instance, the strength of custom alloy wheels can minimize deflection so they help avoid rollover while cornering. Aluminum alloy wheels also provide increased brake cooling since aluminium is a good conductor of heat. In addition, most custom wheels are built with large openings which help in dissipating heat by increasing airflow while you are driving.

With the unprecedented growth in popularity of custom wheels today, a lot of manufacturers are coming out with new sizes, models and designs so there is no shortage of variety in the market. Custom wheel makers are continuously creating new styles as well as new alloys that are lighter and stronger. A couple of years back, there are limited options but today you may even find it difficult to choose among the hundreds of different alloys, finishes and styles. You can even have wheels that match the color of your car.

A word of caution though, you have to keep in mind that it is never a good idea to exceed the weight the original wheels were designed for. You also have to be careful when increasing the size of your wheels as doing so could add weight to your car and mess with the calibration of components in your vehicle like your speedometer. This is precisely the reason why people wrap their large wheels with low profile tires to compensate for the increase in weight. Increasing the size of the wheels too much can present a lot of problems for your transmission shifting, braking systems and it can greatly reduce your car’s fuel economy.

Overall, custom wheels do look great and they offer many benefits. Just make a smart choice and pick a set of custom wheels that perfectly suit your vehicle. Go for wider instead of taller wheel – tire diameter to get a larger contact patch and a sportier look.

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