The Politics of Funny Stickers


The Politics of Funny Stickers

A booming bumper sticker industry has been on the forefront of self expression for decades. People find a wide variety of ways to express their opinions and beliefs through the canvas of their back bumper. In the last several decades, several trends in funny stickers of a political nature have appeared. These humorous quips provide chuckles and snorts to drivers all across the country. Occasionally they may bring shock or outrage, but always, they bring diversion.

Since the 1930’s, people have been using bumpers stickers as a medium for sharing thoughts with the outside world. It is suggested that the first widespread use of bumper stickers was for political campaigning. As is the nature of debate, stickers containing rebuttals soon followed and it was found that funny stickers provided the most memorable of the rebukes.

There hasn’t been a president in many decades that could stay clear of the cross-hairs of funny stickers. If many people had there way, John Wayne would be Commander in Chief. The ever popular “Not my president” has the record of being the longest serving president in history. Term limits must have been excused for this public official. These examples show a general disinterest in the candidates campaigning on both sides of the aisle, but there are many funny stickers that target specific officials, including “Billary,” “Dubya,” and “Nobama.”

Sometimes the funny stickers can test the resolve of Americans. It can be difficult for anyone to have their opinions and beliefs mocked. The use of funny stickers as a means to express revulsion of a political ideology or party can test the boundaries of the First Amendment. The silver lining to this grey cloud is the fortitude of American citizens. Riots aren’t breaking out in the street over funny stickers claiming a low I.Q. for George W. Bush, and people aren’t being shot dead over some witty claim about President Obama’s change.

Perhaps, the funny stickers – including those model car stickers also referred to as Waterslide decalsĀ  have brought something into the debate to help diffuse the partisan time bomb. Humor has a disarming tendency. It is difficult for a person to be angry and laughing at the same time. Presenting differing political opinions through funny stickers may be the path to a bipartisan America. People may not be able to agree on subjects of ideology, but debating with humor can be the first step to an intelligible debate. Laughter may allow people to lower their defenses for a moment and consider the opinions of others.

In case you are wondering, the StickerGiant community consists of Liberals, Conservatives, Jewish, Christian, Muslim, and Atheist. We are a slice of the American pulse and we like it that way. So, stand up for who you are and pick out a sticker that represents who you are. Say it with stickers!


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  1. Great article, especially true about how Politically Correct the world is getting – was only a matter of time before it was reflected in stickers

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