The Business Model Of Think Tanks And Rapid Prototype


The Business Model Of Think Tanks And Rapid Prototype

Large corporations often have research and development departments where they define new strategies, and rapid prototype which their company can sell in the market place to consumers. This is how they come up with new services and products to appease their clientele and customers. Without innovation, a large Corporation can become stodgy, slow, and uncompetitive amongst their competition.

Although customers and clients say they want change, the reality is that humans do not want too much change, but they like to have new features, designs, and occasional changes. Of course, once a corporation has gotten too large, often they can no longer do the research and development in-house and feel the need to outsource.

In this case it has to find competent and trustworthy vendors to do discrete manufacturing, and design companies which are willing to keep a lid on things that they are working on. Sometimes large companies will outsource to think tanks that are capable of doing rapid prototype and discrete manufacturing.

But one has to ask if that is a good business model? Are corporations really interested in outsourcing their R&D departments? It turns out they are, and many government agencies are also looking to do this. Many companies in the industrial military complex as well like the idea of having project management teams doing research and prototype outside their company.

If a think tank or outsourced innovation team can be sworn to secrecy, and perform such services at a much lower cost then it makes sense for the Corporation to go ahead. The reality is that a company engaged in such research can make a good profit, and save the corporation millions of dollars. They make money by saving their clientele money, and therefore, it makes a very good business model. Please consider all this, and think on it.

Lance Winslow is a retired Founder of a Nationwide Franchise Chain, and now runs the Online Think Tank. Lance Winslow believes that all think tanks need a calling plan like the friends and family type plans for their members and fellows; Family Phones.

Note: All of Lance Winslow’s articles are written by him, not by Automated Software, any Computer Program, or Artificially Intelligent Software. None of his articles are outsourced, PLR Content or written by ghost writers. Lance Winslow believes those who use these strategies lack integrity and mislead the reader. Indeed, those who use such cheating tools, crutches, and tricks of the trade may even be breaking the law by misleading the consumer and misrepresenting themselves in online marketing, which he finds completely unacceptable. is The TOP 1 Plastic mould store,we sell rapid prototypes,you can buy Safe Plastic mold and Rapid prototype from us.

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