Tai Long X01 Purple Shiny Car Window Film Market (chart)


Tai Long X01 Purple Shiny Car Window Film Market (chart)

Tai Long X01 lavender Car Window Film Brightly listing

HC Auto Accessories Network News: Recently, the author in the Beijing court found a color car window film products, it is the ordinary monotonous beige

Explosion-proof membrane Product was in stark contrast, color becomes bright up, this color film car window with the color of the body after careful with the superior aesthetic expression of

Explosion-proof membrane Market “gray” image played a disruptive change. According to foil the master introduced this original color film from the United States once listed, because they have good color performance and color consultant for professional services received by consumers, including a special purple car window film by the female owner of the beloved. Therefore, the color film to the restaurant to bring a lot of traffic.

Bao in Beijing car color car window film installation Ms. Chai author points to her choice of color window film reasons: I just bought a car near to the main purpose of star vehicles is to install a

GPS , Thinking about the future driving convenience, he is very easy to turn. In the installed GPS, bright display in the store window film that aroused their interest, after the decision in consultation with the staff installed after adoption of the consultant’s recommendations color was selected in line with their own preferences that paragraph ” Tai Long X01 “lavender window film, and looked very elegant with a white body.

I check online to know, this popular female owners hi by the “Imperial Long X01” Lavender Window Film Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Timor following the God Lang Lang D Series window films, the latest full-color New top automotive window film, gives a sense of elegance and romantic mystery. Long by the Emperor designed technology, the United States Suola Ma Tsui Williams (Solamatrix) lavender plant unique window membrane, separated UV: 99%, visible light perspective rate: 70%, the total heat rate: 68% visible light reflection rate: 8.7%, the world’s highest technology penetration technology to build ultra-fine particles, always reflect the sophisticated technology products technology concept: no oxidation, non-reflective, ultra-wearable, high-definition, high heat, no way affect the car satellite

Navigation The use of window films are high-end products.

Tai Long, general manager Mr. Zhang Chengjian said during an interview: We Timor Lang, mainly in the art of window film to have a better skills, of course, and clarity of the performance of insulation is also very good. Long car prior owner purchased the window film Timor, professional color consultant for the original owners to provide the perfect solution, so that “what car with what color”, so that a reasonable match, and the owner identity and qualities valued in line. The latest listing of the “Imperial Long X01” Most of this lavender window film products for intellectual women consumers or individual consumers, and perhaps this is the only color to meet their critical eye of the. As far as I know, the purple innate elegance, but also slightly so little mystery, fascinating and love. Many of Europe’s top Mercedes-Benz S-Class luxury cars such as the first windshield glass on the use of a light purple solution. Perhaps this is the most noble, elegant and confident representatives.

Present Emperor Long technology has the image of the country more than 50 stores opened to Beijing as the center, covering North China to the national market of radiation, Southwest and Southeast markets developed rapidly. Tai Long Science and Technology of the National territory has been fleshed out.

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