Sharks On Graphics Cool T-Shirts


Sharks On Graphics Cool T-Shirts

There is no end to the graphics that can be displayed upon a t-shirt and a shark is no exception.

Beautiful and majestic, sharks are often quite feared even though there is no actual evidence to suggest that they purposely target man as a source of food. Whereas shark attacks do happen in most cases the shark takes a bite and realises its mistake unfortunately however, for the human involved and depending upon the radius of the shark’s bite this can be fatal.

There has been controversy surrounding shark attacks for years and some believe that the similarity a human resembles towards a seal whilst body-boarding to catch the waves and the wet-suits that are worn that the shark mistakes us for a seal which is one of its primary sources of food.

A shark’s primary sense is contained within its bite and therefore when mistaking a human for a seal it would bite down and then realise its mistake.

Many people though seem to think that sharks attack on purpose but it must be taken into account that when we are in the water we are in their territory and if we so choose to be there then no blame should be put upon the shark if we are mistaken for their prey. Many people in places such as Australia and America actually surf where sharks are known to roam and therefore risk an attack every day but still they don their wet-suit and jump into the surf.

Upon releasing his film ‘Jaws’ in 1975 Steven Spielberg put the shark in the spotlight but did not realise just how much of an impact it would have on the general public. Sharks became the new taboo and upon seeing the film many people began to wrongly believe that sharks were some kind of sadistic killers who targeted humans. Peter Benchley who had initially wrote the book before it was converted to the big screen was upset at how his book had made people believe that sharks were man eaters and mindless killing machines after all we do not worry about the possibility of giant spiders, ants or octopi consuming us.

Many shark attacks that happened in the 1900s when people were ‘test bit’ were thought to have never been reported to the authorities and therefore the statistics of shark attacks are not as accurate as they should be.

One of the most famous sharks and the one used for the film ‘Jaws’ the Great White or Carcharodon Carcharius is notably the most well renowned and first shark that people usually think of.

Another famous shark is one that originates to the age of the dinosaurs, the Megalodon and in comparison to a great white was enormous and its teeth were around 50 times bigger than that of the great white. Imagining if this guy was still around today – no one would swim in the ocean again.

Sharks have been given bad publicity but let us not forget that when we are in the ocean then we are in their territory and swim at our own risk so it is much safer to wear a t-shirt that adorns a shark rather than swim with them.

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