Roval Wheels For the Ultimate Ride


Roval Wheels For the Ultimate Ride

Roval Wheels

Roval Wheels have made quite a name for themselves in the biking world. Reviewers and bike shops have been trying them out as many of their customers have also. Although many wheel manufacturers have different styles of wheels, many of them have similarities. Roval has been making wheels in their factory since the 1970s and is still going strong. They use only the highest quality and production methods, known as Specialized, in all their wheels. A couple of their most popular wheels are the Roval Fusee E5 Wheel Set and the Fusee Star Wheel Set, both with excellent qualities. Fusee Star Wheel Set

Star Wheel Set

The technology that goes into the development of the Star Wheel is phenomenal. You’ll find that the aerodynamic performance of the hub provides less than half the frontal area, a quality needed to lessen the amount of wind drag. The characteristics of the hub that are responsible for the excellence are the 5-point star flange and the stiff 7075 aluminum. The alloy rims are seamless and low profile with a touch of aero in them, along with a perfect depth and width to give the smoothest possible braking. Other qualities of the Star wheel set worth mentioning are the wheels, which are part of a Shimano body with 10-speed cassette. At first it caused problems but they were eliminated and the ride was very good. The custom-made spokes are Aerolite butted with hidden nipples and a self-alignment system. All in all, this bike has a superior quality.

Fusee E5 Wheel Set

The wheels of the Roval Fusee E5 are somewhat lighter than the Star wheels and makes climbing hills much easier. Although some riders think that weight is not that important for climbing but it’s very important. It’s very hard to compare these two bikes because they are so similar in quality and performance. Both are fast, light and are capable of riding with a crosswind without causing a problem. The E5 seemed to take corners a little better as well as more precise than the Star. However, when you’re riding directly into a head wind, the Star is the one you want to be riding as well as when you’re making your descent. In other words, the Star is harder to get up the hill but will provide the better ride going back down.

Final Word

Making the final choice on which of these two bikes to get will be difficult. If you want an all-around fast set of wheels, you’ll want the Fusee E5. This bike performs well all the time as well as providing a smooth and comfortable ride. The matching colors and designs look beautiful. If you want a bike that rides excellent, has a unique appearance that will make heads turn and don’t plan on riding into a crosswind, then the Star is the bike for you. Happy Shopping!

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