Remote Controlled Cars, Electric Cars And Nitro Powered Cars


Remote Controlled Cars, Electric Cars And Nitro Powered Cars
Fueling Action with Nitro RC Cars

RC cars continue to fascinate youngsters since it was introduced in the late 1960s. These included 1/8th scale pan cars and even the 19 cubic inch 2-stroke model plane engines. This began the hobby of radio controlled car racing for fans everywhere. You no longer had to create your own small car and figure out how to run it with an engine, you simply had to buy the kit and build it according to directions. And because of the immense popularity gained by RC cars, speed was slowly introduced in a whole new way thru the use of technology. The technology in remote control cars has changed quite a bit since they were first introduced to the common market. People ranging from children, men, women, car enthusiasts and professionals alike, are hooked by the thrills and excitement of having RC cars. It is gradually becoming everyones addiction, especially those that wants to experience the closest thing for their NASCAR or F1 Racing fantasies. Needless to say, remote control cars have come a long way in a short amount of time. It’s almost insane how far they’ve come and the things they are now capable of. RC toys are very expensive hobbies – and yes, it used to be, but these days you can actually go buy a quality RC car kit for $ 200!

One of the most realistic and powerful RC cars in the intricate and exciting world of RC Cars today, are Nitro RC Cars. If you have a keen interest in things that really go fast, and are looking for a new hobby to occupy your spare time, you shouldnt be looking any further than a Nitro RC car. A nitro car runs in a mixture of methanol, oil and nitro methane. The higher the concentrate of nitro methane, the faster and more powerful your car will be; thus, making it an exceptionally fine tuned fast-lane racing RC car that can compete in a breathtaking, adrenaline pumping fashion. There are many different types of nitro rc cars on the market to suit your style. If it’s just a plain car you are after, you can get a replica to bout any real life car out there, anything from a Porsche to a Volkswagen is available, and you can even design your own models if you have enough know how. If something a bit rougher is what you are after, you can look at an off road model of nitro rc car to give you more grunt. These designs range from jeeps and RC buggies, through to the bigger truck models, and are ideal for obstacle courses, jumping tricks, and basically zooming around your rocky or grassy backyard. If youre dying to get your RC car out of the burbs and into some more challenging terrain, Nitro-fuelled RC cars are also available in a wide variety of trucks and off-road buggies. With grippy tire treads and wheelie bars, RC nitro trucks and buggies offer wide suspensions to allow them higher ground clearance – perfect for bumpy terrain and rock crawling! These trucks also reach top speeds of 65 mph+… just imagine that off a sweet jump! Whether you are a kid or just one at heart, its hard not to get psyched over a toy car that can go over 75mph, right?

If you want high intensity, breath taking jumps and a sweet sound that is music to RC enthusiasts’ ear, pick a remote control Nitro car and start getting the spine tingling experience of the explosive Nitro RC Car racing now! Visit and choose the right Nitro RC Cars for you.

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