Private Cars


Private Cars
As we can learn from the graph, the ownership of private cars varies from year to year. In the year of 1990, there are only two cars among 100 families, but in the year of 1995, it is 10, and it goes up dramatically to 30 in 2000. Generally speaking, it involves an upward trend. There are three reasons for the change. To begin with, peoples income has been improved, more and more families can afford cars; in addition to it, the price of cars has been brought down sharply; last but not the least, various measures to stimulate consumption taken by our government cant be ignored. All these factors result in the rapid change in the ownership of private cars.

With the further development of our economy, there is no doubt that more and more families will have their own cars.
When it comes to private cars, it goes without saying that they bring us obvious advantages. It is generally thought that there are all kinds of benefits with private cars. To begin with, they are so convenient that we can drive them to any place at any time; in the second place (on the other hand), with private cars, our life will be bettered and our work efficiency will be improved; Whats more, owning a car symbolizes that you are a successful person in professional world; last but not the least, Therefore, private cars have great significance in our life.

Just as a coin have two sides. On the contrary, the disadvantages resulted from cant be ignored. The defects of private cars can be listed as follows: On one hand, more private cars lead to deteriorated environment and noise pollution; on another hand, traffic accidents owe much to the increase of private cars; besides, private cars contribute to serious energy crisis because of their large consumption of petroleum.

My attitude towards it is that I prefer the above mentioned positive effects brought by private cars overweigh the negative effects. I have at least two basic reasons to prove my point of view. First of all, the reason on which I base my idea is that more private cars will help to develop our national automobile industry and national economy. At the same time, if drastic measures are adopted to avoid the disadvantages brought by cars, we may have a more bright future. Thats why Im in favor of the idea mentioned in the 1st paragraph.

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