Pickup Truck Covers For Just A Small Price


Pickup Truck Covers For Just A Small Price
Pickup truck covers need not cost a big price to offer real value. Soft covers often represent real value at a very moderate price tag. Then there are some ways the soft tonneaus actually work better even though they cost so little. Soft covers offer the following advantages over some of the “better” options on tonneau covers for pickup trucks.

1. Own One For Far Less

Pay only twenty percent of the cost of a retractable cover and you get a perfectly serviceable soft tonneau for a pickup. Not a match for looks or durability to the much more expensive cover, a soft cover for a little money still matches some more pricey models in function. In fact, some moderate price soft covers even closely match the look of the more expensive options.

2. Mileage Improvements

Can you really improve fuel mileage up to ten percent with a tonneau cover as some manufacturers claim? Sounds high to me… But certainly soft covers weigh in at considerably less that some hard truck bed covers. Hauling around less weight in an equally aerodynamic package seems like a good deal.

3. Any Height Cargo Fits

With a tilt tonneau you are limited to hauling loads that are no higher than the sides of the bed. With taller cargo, you either take the cover off or leave it up. Not so with roll up soft covers. Simple move the cover forward to get access to the whole bed and haul whatever you want to haul plus pull gooseneck trailers too.

4. Features Add To Usefulness

Features on covers add to usefulness. For example Access tonneau covers seal with hook and loop seals rather than snaps. Then the cover tightens easily after closing to give a trampoliner type fit. That means no matter what the temperature or load that hits the cover, like snow, the cover can stay tight but easy to open and close.

5. Easy On Too

Drilling is out for most all the soft covers. Instead the side rails that mount the cover just clamp in place. Then the cover seals to the mount for a clean and weather-proof fit. Installation just means clamping the rails in place and then putting in the front and rear seals. After that, the storage straps go in and then the tension adjustment mechanisms and the pre-rolled cover. After some final adjustment, installing is completed.

Pickup truck covers need not be expensive to be useful and handy to have. Soft pickup truck covers cost little but are still durable, easy to install and provide full bed access better than many more expensive models. Soft covers are worth a look for bed protection at a low to moderate price. Pickup truck covers can protect truck beds and loads as well for just a moderate cost.

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