Paris’ next used cars


Paris’ next used cars

The Paris Auto Show is officially over, and automotive journalists are debating over which automakers had the strongest showings and most interesting designs. While these cars aren’t slated to hit the market for a few years, their introduction will likely affect the price of the cars they’re set to replace in the near future.


As a new model comes in, the old one is shipped out, and a gap in a generation can affect a used car price substantially. For example, the Ford Mustang, which was popular for much of this decade, will now fetch a lower price on the used car market since Ford has introduced a brand-new redesign for the vehicle. While the new models that the major automakers unveiled are sure to delight car fans, it’s important to keep in mind that the best value can usually be found by shopping one generation earlier.

The unofficial theme of this year’s show was small, eco-friendly vehicles as demonstrated by the debut of high-profile compact models from several major brands. Ford’s redesigned 2012 Focus turned some heads, as the company announced its marketing strategy would take a page out of the book of the highly-successful Fiesta, which launched earlier this year. That means buyers can expect plenty of trim levels and customization options, in addition to a hatchback style and great fuel economy. The new debut could also mean some low prices on existing Focuses, so used car buyers should keep their eyes peeled for any deals.

Chevy responded with a similar small car in the upcoming 2012 Aveo. This compact will be available in both sedan or hatchback forms, and the press speculates that the high-performance RS version, previously seen as a concept, will make its debut shortly after the regular model. Drivers can expect plenty of creature comforts like a high-end audio system with Bluetooth and MP3 integration, but buyers should keep in mind that Chevy currently sells an Aveo, meaning they might be able to get many of those features for a cheaper price now.

Finally, what would an auto show be without concept cars? Although not officially slated for production, Nissan unveiled a high-tech concept in its Townpod concept. This vehicle continues the small car trend by being based off of Nissan’s Leaf platform, but takes it to the next level with a sleek design and futuristic interior featuring a dual display touchscreen.


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