New Graphics Card From Nvidia Gtx 580-a Review


New Graphics Card From Nvidia Gtx 580-a Review
If you want a graphics card that will support all the latest games and maybe some of the upcoming games of the future you can opt for NVidia GTX 580. It is beyond doubt that the market leader in Graphics Card has produced a GPU which will surely bring smiles on NVidia fans but of course if you are ready to shed your pocket. It is beyond doubt that GTX 580 is the fastest single GPU Direct X 11 card till now.

With 1.5GB of GDDR 5 memory you will be able to play all recent games with compromising fps (Frames per second). News of GTX 580 was already there when it was established that GTX 480 was a failure. This card requires a lot of power so ensure that you have a good SMPS (maybe not less than 800W).

As it requires so much power it also generates lot of heat but not so much if compared to NVidia GTX 480. The NVidia engineers gave a lot of work to compete with AMDs upcoming cards. The card has two DVI output and one mini HDMI port so you can expect the best of graphics. But you must make sure that your monitor has DVI connector or mini HDMI connector. But dont worry if you do not have the above mentioned connectors you can search for DVI to VGA connectors or maybe a mini HDMI to VGA connectors.

Only time will say if this graphics card from NVidia can really live up to expectations and give real competition to AMDs dual core GPUs. However if you want to purchase one of these graphics card make sure you have one of the latest motherboards with a bare minimum of one PCI Express slot where you will be inserting the graphics card. On the other hand if you want SLI (Scalable Link Interface) (i.e. two or more graphics card working together to get improved performance, you must make sure that there are more than one PCI Express slot.

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