New Cars Unveiled at Geneva Internation Motor Show 2011


New Cars Unveiled at Geneva Internation Motor Show 2011

The 81st Geneva International Motor Show is held between 3rd  and 13th March in Geneva Palexpo, Switzerland. The annual show features the latest combustion engined models in automobile history with series of friendly environmental technical breakthroughs.  Besides, it is regarded as the most level playing ground for carmakers all over the world. In the following images, you will have the chance to admire new cars unveiled at Geneva International Motor Show 2011.


Super coupe Jaguar XKR-S

The unrated version’s information of XKR has been officially released. At Geneva Motor Show, Jaguar is going to unveil a new XKR-S which boasts a 186mph top speed, equipped 5.0-litre V8 engine with 542bhp and 502lb ft of torque.

The XKR-S can reach 60mph in 4.2 seconds and dispatches with 100mph in 8.6 secconds.


Bertone B99 concept

To celebrate 99-year history (1912 – 2011), Bertone displays concept model B99 equipped with hybrid engine. Such a smart product stems from partnership between Bertone and Jaguar.

B99, 181 inches long, 53 inches tall and 77 inches wide, is said to be slightly smaller than the X-Type Jaguar


Aston Martin V8 Vantage S

Aston Martin V8 Vantage S, the new model from Aston Martin, will help narrow the gap between the V8 Vantage and V12 Vantage RS. In detail, V8 Vantage S is facilitated with 4.7-litre engine, outputs of 430bhp, 361lb-ft of torque, and top speed hits 191.25 mph.

Marked with a range of innovative characteristics, V8 Vantage S’s price starts at £102,500.


Mini Rocketman concept

Rocketman is designed 3,419 mm in length, 1,907 in width, enough room for 4 seating in a shrunken body style. Three sliding seats enable three adults to be accommodated while a simple seat arranged behind the driver makes it possible for the fourth occupant to sit comfortably.

The concept is valued as the hottest mini version.


Renault Wind Gordini

The hot Gordini range has been added its latest version, Renault Wind, based on Wind coupe and roadster. Three previous siblings are Twingo Gordini RS, Clio Gordini RS and Twingo Gordini.

Thanks to 131bhp and 118lb ft of torque,  Wind Gordini is offered 9.2sec 0-62mph-time and a 125mph top speed at the price of about £17,500.


Nissan Esflow concept

Inspired from GT-R and 370Z, Esflow becomes a Nissan rear-drive electric concept. Its powertrain and batteries are all placed in optimum places to support weight distribution and dynamics thanks to electric-powered car designs.

With the instantly available torque, the concept just spends less than five seconds getting 0 – 62mph.



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