Is a racing BMX the right bike for you


Is a racing BMX the right bike for you

So you’re looking at those gleaming BMX in the shop window and thinking about saving up to buy one, but have you stopped to consider which is the right bike for you. Do you want a racing BMX or a freestyle one? Will you riding in the street or off road? How much money do you realistically have to spend? If you take the time to stop and think, plus maybe do a little research, it’s much easier to choose the right bike.

BMX fall into three main categories. First up you have what is known as the classic BMX. Then you have jump bikes and finally freestyle. Classic models are great for urban environment where you mostly stick to the road, but if you venture onto the dirt you won’t have any problems. Jump bikes. Well the names gives them away and freestyle bikes are aimed at trick cyclists. They are the sturdiest kind given the punishment that they get.

Bike frames are made from different types of material, steel and aluminium mainly. Aluminium is lighter and won’t rust as easily. When it comes to racing BMX, lighter bikes are easier to control so you might want to bear this in mind if you want to hit the race track.

Once you’ve settle on a frame, it’s time to think about what rims and brakes your new bike should have. Freestyle bikes often have mag rims, while jump and classic ones come with more conventional spoke rimes. They need to be tough, especially on the jump bikes as they are going to be landing pretty hard off those ramps.

Classic and jump have rear brakes only. Freestyle bikes require more control so come with front and rear. Set ups can be tailored for individual riders, so ask in the shop about any adjustments that could be made to suit your needs and requirements.

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