Importing Your Left Drive Cars


Importing Your Left Drive Cars
American brands such as the Chrysler and Ford and GM have been tarnished owing to their gas-gulping SUVs and the sloppy quality economic models! And amidst all this, if you are planning to import your favorite lhd cars maybe from the US or Japan in any case, you might be perplexed with the same worries as all. But keep those worry-wrinkles off your face and mind for your options are just getting better!

The efficacy of Japanese manufacturing has been well appraised by all of us and to keep up to their efficiency and costing, the Germans are now fusing their design brilliance in order to reduce overheads, enhance productivity as well as improve the product quality. The catch here, for us, the left hand drive car fanatics is, that in this race for competition backed by aggressive investments by the foreign auto-makes across the globe has only led to a gush of more reliable, cheaper and much handsome looking left drive cars!

If you cant find them, import them!

Most of us, the lhd cars buyers desire for quality, fuel efficiency and safety features of the Japanese cars that are used to import directly from the country and then have our own right drive cars converted to lhd! In that case, the worst of the disadvantages lie in steering conversions. That solely because an inefficient conversion would lead to a compromise on almost everything, from safety to road worthiness to performance and even to maneuvering the vehicle. Plus, not to forget the additional costs that come along!

The good news here is that the original lhd cars by the popular Japanese makers such as Honda, Toyota and Nissan are easily available in the US now. Now, the label you would see of made in USA proudly flaunted on American makes would aptly suit those of Nissan, Toyota and Honda. So you see, the importing of left hand drive cars is not only simpler but also easy in processing its ownership owing to its easy availability in your very own country!

Check these out as examples with the help of your lhd car dealer. For instance, when you rip open the Chryslers PT Cruiser, you would find only thirty-five percent of its components made in the US; and this idiosyncratically American car is manufactured in a factory located in Mexico. Similarly, we have the Ford Fusion whose only thirty percent of components are US made. While on the other hand, rip open the Toyota Camry and what do you find? Guess what, eighty percent of its components are US made; Honda Accord has seventy percent US made components and Nissan Altima carries sixty-five percent US parts! These cars are as well produced in factories located in the USA.

So even if it is difficult to define what a total American lhd car would be, it shouldnt be an issue of concern because the crux here is that brilliant cars from the US and Japan brands are easily paving their path through the globe, both as new and used car exports. In fact, the current weakness of the US dollar should help you get a good bargain if you are moving to the left drive countries of the world!

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