How to Update Graphics Drivers – Essential Driver Questions Answered


How to Update Graphics Drivers – Essential Driver Questions Answered

The following article will teach you how to update graphics dirvers for you computer.  You’re going to learn how you can manually download the driver installation files.  You’ll also learn how you can use software that’s available online to scan your computer and update the drivers that need updating.

Before we get started – if you are interested in using a piece of software that can automatically download updated drivers, then I recommend Driver Genius.  You can learn more about it at that website.

When To Update Your Graphics Drivers

How do you know when you need to update your graphics drivers?  The most common issue is if your video projects, games or whatever are not operating at the speeds that you’re used to.  Errors may be popping up, you’re getting low framerates in games when you didn’t used to or other issues.  These problems usually develop when you update windows or a game or a program and your video graphics drivers are simply outdated.

Like any other piece of hardware on your computer, your graphics card will only be fully functional when you’ve got the correct drivers installed on your system.  Even when you have drivers installed, there are still chances of errors developing due to conflicts with programs and software and whatnot.  Sometimes installing windows updates will overwrite a part of the driver that you need.  This can create many problems with your video card performance and requires updating your video drivers once again.

Find The Correct Driver

Now in order to update your driver, you’re going to need to find the correct replacement driver which in itself can be a majoer struggle for most computer users simply because they don’t know about driver updating.

This is the exact reason that I direct most computer users to use software that can scan the computer and update drivers that need updating.  Of course, you can always manually browse your way to the manufacturers website.  But I have found this task to be quite difficult for most computer users, especially when it’s one of my 65 year old aunts that just got a new PC and has no idea why her computer is having trouble streaming video.

For those of you that are computer savy, then you need to head on over to your card’s manufacturer website and search for your exact video card model.  Most manufacturers offer driver updates on their websites for their specific graphics cards.  As you know, multiple manufacturers build cards based on the same chipsets.  However, it’s always best to get the driver from the manufacturer website because you can usually be sure that this driver will be more stable than the general driver from the chipset creator.

It can be difficult using the manufacturer driver installations.  It simply depends on the manufacturer because some of them spend time writing easy to use installation software while others simply give you the drivers in a rar file which a non-computer savvy user will have no clue what to do with.

In the end, the option is up to you.  If you feel that you’d rather have driver software do all of the work for you by automatically scanning the web for driver updates, then I’d recommend getting driver update software.  If you think you can manually install the graphics driver, then use the manufacturers website and you should be fine.

Thanks for reading and I hope this information was helpful to you.  Learn more about computers and drivers at my update graphics drivers website.

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