How to Design Powerful Stickers


How to Design Powerful Stickers

Stickers can be a powerful marketing tool that can promote your business literally everywhere your customers go. Although they are small, their effective stickiness makes any surface an advertising medium, ranging from cars to computers. Stickers can also be delivered in nearly any fashion – sent through the mail, handed out on the street, placed in gift bags, or left in a basket for clients to pick up. Subsequently, you should know the ins and outs of sticker design to make sure that your stickers are as effective as possible.

Time to Design

For starters, it is important to remember that a powerful sticker takes some time to design. The average sticker production period is two to four weeks, and this does not include the brainstorming period when you are creating the perfect image. Thus, if you need your stickers for a specific event, make sure that you plan ahead so that they will be delivered on time. You should consider the purpose that you are purchasing stickers for – will they market a specific product or service or just your company in general? Who is your target audience? These will be important factors to consider when coming up with your ideal stickers design.

What Works?

There are certain sticker design elements that work well and others that don’t. Remember, you don’t want to make your sticker so complex that it is no longer cost effective to produce. Simple is better – you want to be able to get your message across quickly, easily, and often from a distance. You do not need teeny-tiny details, overly complex graphics, or a full color palette.

Keep the images simple, incorporate one main headline or message, and only use the necessary colors – some of the most effective stickers are done in black and white! For example, Apple’s highly popular sticker, seen everywhere from cars to lunch pails, is a simple white silhouette of their logo.

Consider your sticker to be a small billboard – keep it simple, eye-catching, and to the point.

Use White to Your Advantage

Many printers will print their stickers on white vinyl. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to leave the background of your sticker white. Even if you only want to use one color, use the color as the background and have white lettering and images. The contrast will make the sticker more attractive.

Also, think about all that space that is found on the back of the sticker. You can use this as a postcard, to advertise your business, or to even print a coupon up for the client to redeem. This will encourage customers to stick the sticker so that they can take advantage of your special offer.

If you want a clear sticker to be stuck in car windows, the lettering should also be white, which will reflect the light better. Better reflection equals better visibility, making it more likely that your sticker will be read.

Creating powerful stickers takes time and good design techniques. However, once you have found the right combination of both, then you will have an effective way of advertising your business. Stickers may be small, but they are a serious contender in the realm of advertising.

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