How to Build a Crane


How to Build a Crane

Learning how to build a crane is not as complicated as one might think. I mean, cranes seem like gigantic ridiculously complex machines that defy the laws of physics to build massive structure, but really they are quite simple in construction! I had to build a small scale crane for a physics class and it was very interesting. I am going to tell how a crane works and how to build a crane if you sit it fit to do so!

All machinery consists of a few simple concepts to move heavy objects. These are called the 6 simple machines. You use them to leverage weight against something to amplify its effect. In this case, we are putting some of these simple machines together with some hydraulic power to make a super construction device!

The first thing any crane needs is a counter balance. You see, having all the weight of object that high up and so far away from the center of the crane will cause extreme weight to be exerted on the crane itself. So in order to stop that, we need to make the base of the crane super heavy. You need to take into consideration how much your crane will be lifting. All cranes are made for different projects so it needs to be built accordingly.

The next thing to consider about your crane is height. How tall of an object will you be working on? Is it a huge tall building or a lower bridge? Having your crane too tall or not tall enough can really make the difference in a successful project and disaster. This is especially true when you start thinking about counterbalances for all the weight!

I know that it is unlikely that you are actually thinking about building a crane, but I found the process very fun and interesting. If you like to work on little projects at home and do it yourself stuff, you might want to give it a try!

Now that you know more on how to build a crane, you might want to give it a shot. Here is a website that might help you get supplies for free – How to Build A Crane


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