how a dog wheels saves lives.


how a dog wheels saves lives.

A dog wheelchair has become extremely portable and lightweight and definitely very suitable. They have proven to be a blessing for animals of all sizes with rear leg problems.

The pet cart has proven to be a blessing for dogs with with injuries resulting from affliction or from some kind of malady. The k9 wheels do not need to be pushed around, as in case of human beings. Pets can move around on their own freely, using their front legs. The pet wheels are designed in such a way that the animal can move about freely by using their front legs to walk, while the hind legs are supported by wheels. A best friend often adjusts within hours to the cart at can begin maintaining muscle tone and getting the exercise he or she needs to stay active and vigorous.

The k9 wheels are ready for use for the dogs with any rear mobility problem caused by amputation, indisposition, or affliction. This includes degenerative diseases like degenerative myelopathy, neuromuscular diseases, lumbosacral disease and other types of diseases that may result in the hampering of movements of the legs. These aids are wonderful for dogs that are recovering from the joint fusion surgery, joint replacements or canines with balance disorders that would, in the past cause them to be euthanized. Pets can lose valuable muscle-tone during long healing processes where a veterinarian might ask that you “keep the dog off his back legs.” With a dog wheel chair, though, the dog can get exercise without straing his back or further damaging his legs. Pet carts help dogs maintain a healthy lifestyle and get exercise.

It used to be that, all pet wheel chairs had to be custom made. This demanded the pet owner to take over a dozen exact measurements of height, weight, length, width, girth, and more, then wait over two weeks while the cart was completed. If any of the measurements were wrong, the cart would need to be returned to the manufacturer for adjustment, often a time consuming and costly process. In addition, these custom made carts could not be returned or resold to another dog.

Now, with the arrival of the entirely adjustable dog wheelchairs like the Walkin Wheels, they can be ordered with only one approximate measurement of height, shipped same day, and adjusted, without tools, for an accurate fit to your dog.

A Top quality set of k9 wheels , like the Walkin’ Wheels for Handicapped Pets are available at a starting amount of under 400 dollars. To order, all you need to know is the approximate height of the dog and the wheelchair can be shipped the same day. Wheelchairs are very adaptable in that they adjust, without tools, fit any size dog. The Walkin’ Wheels Mini is for dogs under 20 pounds like Dachshunds. The fact that can be shipped same day is good news as your handicapped dog will not have to wait and suffer. These wheelchairs are a good choice, since they are very suitable for dogs that are still growing in size. The Walkin’ Wheels pet wheels are also easy to resell because they are adjustable and can be used for any other dog.

The Walkin’ Wheels fold flat by twisting a dial so that it can be carried easily in the included tote bag. The dog mobility device fits easily in the trunk or back seat of a car. Often people will carry the wheelchair with them on long walks so when the dog gets tired, he can be put in the chair.

Paulie Wingspan is a freelance writer for pet magazines and websites like Dog Wheelchair. He lives with his Handicapped Dog, Charley, in Beverly Hills. Charley loves his cart! If you’re looking for reviews or information on a k9 wheelchair to help your dog live a more comfortable life be sure to visit us today.

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