Hong Kong Car Owners Living La Vito Loca With New Passenger Van Models


Hong Kong Car Owners Living La Vito Loca With New Passenger Van Models
We’re now exposed to messages from every direction impressing on us the importance of environmental responsibility, using only what we need, and downsizing for a new world. However, there’s one notable situation where bigger can actually be better – that is, upsizing your car for carpooling! A single larger vehicle on the road creates far less emissions than every person driving to work separately, and with new technologies in Hong Kong new cars (notably the new Mercedes-Benz Hong Kong Vito models), some passenger vans are actually far more fuel efficient than some standard sedans! Today we check out some of the newest and best models of Hong Kong vehicles suitable for running the entire crew into work, sport team into training, or ballet class to rehearsal!

1. Mercedes-Benz Vito Hong Kong New Cars
The 2011 Hong Kong Mercedes-Benz Vito was only recently released, and there’s little doubt that it epitomizes the new breed of passenger vans as Hong Kong vehicles. The new Mercedes-Benz Vito has been revolutionized in several important ways:
-Radical improvements in engine economy
-A chassis which tailors ride comfort to drivers and passengers preferences
-Practical and comfortable interior
-Improved exterior looks!

The engine is the most important and notable improvement to these Hong Kong Mercedes-Benz models. The new Vito can handle up to 8 passengers and delivers between 70kW and 120 kW … all on 4 cylinders, and with a further 15% improvement in CO2 emissions on the previous Vito model. The engine meets the strict Euro 5 emissions standard, and is equipped with an oxidation catalytic converter, a particle filter and a cooled exhaust gas recirculation system.

Unlike many other passenger vans, the Mercedes-Benz Vito is rear wheel drive. This challenges the preconception that Hong Kong vehicles made for people carrying must be front wheel drive; the rear wheel drive Vito handles better than almost every competitor. And of course, the major and most noticeable difference between a Mercedes-Benz Hong Kong passenger vehicle and other manufacturer models is the luxury standards of the interior!

2. Toyota Hiace 2011 Hong Kong New Cars
Since the Toyota Hiace commuter bus first came onto the Hong Kong vehicles market, it has come to dominate the small bus segment. The Hiace has a much larger seating capacity than the Mercedes-Benz Vito, though the ride, handling and interior comfort standards are quite different! The Hiace is suitable for formal company carpool arrangements, pick ups and deliveries, where the new Vito can effortlessly double up as a family car on the weekends and after working hours.

3. Hyundai H1 Hong Kong New Cars
The Hyundai H1 is an 8-seater, much like the Mercedes-Benz Hong Kong Vito, and can double as a family car on the weekends. The diesel version of the H1 is quite economic, meeting the Euro 4 emissions standard (where the Mercedes-Benz meets the Euro 5), and scoring a fuel efficiency rating of 7.0km per liter. Another passenger van choice that can be big on green-ness!

As one of the world’s most exciting and prestigious brand,Mercedes Benz Hong Kong offers luxury passenger cars in Hong Kong and Macau.

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