Honda recalls thousands of its models in Brazil because of defect


Honda recalls thousands of its models in Brazil because of defect

Honda Motor Company has announced that it has ordered to return its 129,324 units of its mainstay models – Honda Cityand Honda Fit compact cars in Brazil due to the defective accelerator pedals. The models that have been recalled by the company include those models particularly which were manufactured in Brazil between the period of May 2008 and October 2010, stated the automaker. According to Honda Motor Company, there is a possibility that the accelerator pedal might not come back completely to its original position after it is being pressed to the floor because of the fine dust particles which get stuck between the pedal and a sensor monitoring the position of the pedal and occasionally resulting in problem of slowing down. The Japanese automaker, Honda Motor Company also said that it has got one report of an accident arising from an alleged presence of the defect, though no one was injured in the case. Honda also said that it has not sold the two Brazil-made models in question either in United States or in Japan. The head office of Honda Motor Company Limited is situated at Tokyo, Japan. The consolidated sales results of Honda company for the fiscal year 2010 were 8,579,174 million while the unconsolidated sales results of the company for the fiscal year 2010 were 2,717,736 million. The total number of consolidated employees as of March 31,2010 are 176,815 while the total number of unconsolidated employees are 26,121. The company’s chief products in which it deals includes motorcycles, automobiles and power products. The company develops products and technology along with new values even before they are requested by society or the customers. The company also conducts Research and Development activities which fulfill the desire of the customers, cater to the social needs and also help in achieving further technological developments.

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