Heavy Duty Floor Scales And Their Uses


Heavy Duty Floor Scales And Their Uses
There are so many types floor scales available online today, it can be confusing which type is best for your industrial weighing needs. Although industrial models are made according to the same basic engineering idea as the bathroom floor scale, heavy-duty ones can have heavyweight capacity (most larger platform scales can accurately measure around 10 tons, while some types of high capacity industrial models often measure between 40 tons and 80 tons, depending on the model and make).

Some up to date types of floor scales give accurate, easy to read digital readouts and customized weighing options, while older models sometimes offer less reliable weight readings and may be more difficult to read, set up, adjust, and move from one location to another.

Basically, there are 2 main types of deck floor scales: rectangular deck and square shaped (this type of scale is often known as a “platform” scale). Within these categories, you will find numerous varieties for various applications.

Floor scales are made for a variety of industrial and material handling uses, including: weighing the load on pick up trucks, airport cargo, 16-wheel semi trucks, weighing livestock and other animals, weighing freight, warehouse shipping and receiving, environmental and demolition waste removal applications, fire departments, drum weighing, airline baggage weighing, Gaylord weighing, pallet weighing, weighing cargo for legal trading vehicle manufacturers, weighing scrap metal, and weighing the load on a crane and other similar types of equipment.

You can find scales designed to be built into your warehouse floor (also called “pit installed”) or portable ones made to weigh trucks, airport cargo, or industrial materials. There are floor versions made for indoor use and outdoor use, all with various weighing options. There are also models designed for more “lightweight” and non-industrial applications, including the medical industry.

The most common floor scale is the everyday bathroom scale that you step on to find out if your weight has changed since last week’s cruise in the Bahamas (and all that excellent food that came along free with the cruise). There are medically precise floor models designed for doctor’s offices, and less reliable home versions designed to be inexpensive enough for the average consumer. Some floor models are built for the veterinary industry, including both lightweight “pet” models for veterinary clinics and animal hospitals as well as more medium eight models designed to be used for cattle and other large animals.

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