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Graphics Cards

The images produced on the monitor of your computer are made with tiny dots that are known as pixels. Typically a common resolution settings, the screen can display about a million and more pixels, now the computer decides what to do with these dots so as to create an image. Therefore in order to make an image the computer needs a translator and the job is done with a graphics card. The job is quite complex one.

Now what the Graphics card does is, the CPU along with the software applications gives out information of the image to the graphics card. Then the graphics card decides the use of the pixels and how to create the image. Later the information is sent to the monitor by a cable. Such a process is a demanding one it needs to be perfect too in all aspects of the picture or image. To create a 3-D image the graphics card will initially produce a wire frame from among the straight lines. Then it joins the remaining pixels and goes on to add some light, color and texture to the image. And if it is fast-paced game, then the computer will have to work about 60 times a second. Therefore without graphics card to do the much needed calculations and the perfect job, the task would be upon the computer which would mean more job for the computer than it can handle.

The Graphics card uses some main components to complete the job of imaging. They are: 1. Motherboard for power and data.2. Processor needed for taking decision about the pixel. 3. It needs memory to store in the particular pixel and also store the finished pictures. 4. The monitor so that you can visualize the image.

The Asus graphics card is a leading company in the world in the laptop segment and is the best selling motherboards in the world. The company has created a name for itself by creating some of the best graphics cards in the world. The Hp Graphics cards too are good and offer you the best ones. They come up with great products that show their expertise by joining graphics technology with the graphics products and then provide them to customers with graphics cards that are fast, expansive and flexible.

You can find several graphics cards in the market today, they are the Palit Gforce 7200GS, Leadtak Quadro 256 MB, Zotac nVidia 9600, PCI VGA display card and many more. The graphics cards price can be anywhere for a few thousands of rupees.

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