Floor Scale Vs. Drum Scale: A Comparison


Floor Scale Vs. Drum Scale: A Comparison
Are you wondering if you need a floor or drum scale? These two types have many crossover applications, so it can be difficult to decide which will fit your needs at the lowest cost. Here is a list of the pros and cons of getting a floor model as opposed to the pros and cons of a drum model.

Floor Scale Pros
* Offers the widest variety of weighing options
* Excellent for weighing large and small shipments of materials
* Great at weighing gaylords
* Good for weighing large barrels or containers of chemicals
* Great at weighing for skids packed with various materials
* Best for weighing materials in a rugged industrial environment.

Floor Scale Cons
* Can be very expensive (although there are a few affordable options starting at around $ 500)
* Difficult to move around or relocate to another area of the warehouse or room (no wheels underneath the scale)
* Take a lot of floor space
* Require extra floor space above and to the sides of the unit for loading and unloading
* Some models can be damaged if materials are dropped onto it or if forklifts bump into the equipment or monitors

Drum Scale Pros
* Good for weighing certain sizes and shapes of containers
* Weighs drums, totes, pallets, and bulk packaged products
* Live side rails so that materials won’t slip off the edges, causing errors in weighing
* Generally less expensive than full floor models
* Some models are portable (on wheels), so they can be easily moved around a warehouse or other environment
* Offer a HOLD weighing function so that if you are weighing items that are moving around (animals, sloshing drums of liquids, etc.), you will get a stable and accurate weight
* Some drum models have an optional ramp that you can attach, which makes it simpler to load and unload certain types of materials
* More compact size than floor models, based on weight capacity

Drum Scale Cons
* Can not weigh as many different sizes and shapes of containers and materials as a floor model is capable of weighing
* Require extra floor space above and to the sides for loading and unloading the drums, flats, or pallets, or other materials
* Take up floor space in your warehouse (although less floor space generally than a floor model, depending on the size)

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