Five Easy Ways To Improve Your Brochure Graphics


Five Easy Ways To Improve Your Brochure Graphics
Do you not know what to do and how to improve your brochure printing graphics? Well let me give you a couple of tips and professional practices that you can try out.

Using a decent enough software application for brochure printing, these tips can easily be done without too much trouble but with guaranteed great results. So listen well and remember these five easy ways to improve your graphics.

1.Get the original high-resolution source Sometimes, all that it takes to improve the look of your graphics is to get the original high-resolution source. Many newcomers to design think that the low-resolution graphics displayed on the web are enough. However, in many cases, this will net people some very bad brochure prints since those pictures tend to get fuzzy when printed.

By getting the real high-resolution source of all your images and graphics, you will get the most clear image rendition once they are printed. You will need to either create or buy and acquire those images yourself to get those original graphics. As long as you scale and crop that image right, it should turn out a lot better than any web images that you might have wanted to use.

2.Adjust the brightness and contrast settings Another simple way to improve your images is to adjust its brightness and contrast settings. This might sound basic, but believe me it does a lot in adding quality and energy to most images. Of course, you have to be careful not to burn the image with these adjustments, but typically adding 10-20 on either setting or both settings can make the image look more vibrant and appealing. Most design software should be able to handle this so try it out.

3.Cropping properly and beautifully Sometimes, it is in the cropping that can make the images more beautiful and appealing. I have seen many people improve their color images simply by re-cropping their images precisely so that it is balanced and complementary with the content.

All it takes really is an eye towards the proper composition of the picture. You should have the crucial elements at the top 1/3 of the frame since that is where most people look at first. With the right cropping, you will see a distinct improvement with your images, so make sure you compose and test out your images well along these lines.

4.Flipping or inverting the orientation Another easy way to improve the images is to simply flip it or invert it. This especially applies to graphics that will look okay even when converted, inverted or flipped. Many special design applications have free transform features that should easily let you handle this, and this tool is perfect when you want to balance out certain elements when placed on the sides.

5.Applying some light or color filters Finally, you can apply light or color filters in your custom brochures to make them look better. If you look at most image-editing software today, you will probably see special filters that add special effects to that image. From black and white effects, sepia, color tints, flushed light etc. there are tons of special effects to choose from. This can add that extra character to the images and all it takes is a simple filter application.

Therefore, those are the five easy ways to improve graphics. Even absolute newcomers can do these things really, as long as one is determined to learn. So take note of all these and try to apply them in printing.

Kaye Z. Marks is an avid writer and follower of the developments in brochures and brochure printing that help businesses in their marketing and advertising campaigns.

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