Finding The Perfect Used Car


Finding The Perfect Used Car
My wife and I are in the market for a good used car. A vehicle that we had been using as a secondary mode of transportation finally gave out on us after 15 years of service. While I had been keeping up the maintenance on the car myself, it finally gave out on us after burning up the air conditioning compressor, water pump and power steering system. Basically a catastrophic failure of the vital components that supported the engine led to the car stalling and refusing to turn over. Once the serpentine belt burned up from the malfunctioning systems I knew that the car had died never to be brought back to life again.

For the past three years I had been nursing the mechanics of the engine and doing what I could to keep the vehicle passing its annual emissions test. Each year I poured money into replacing parts and repairing the car so that it could stay in service, but after the last turn of events I knew that it was time to look for something more reliable and safer for transporting my family. Visiting Orange County used car lots I have been looking for a quality vehicle that can be an asset to my family for many years to come.

Because I am one of those people that drive a car until the wheels fall off I am leaning heavily toward the long lasting products that are made by Honda. As we already have a van for taking the kids to school and running to the store I am looking at a small commuter vehicle that has great gas mileage and a reputation for running smoothly mile after mile. From conducting our search for a good used car we have found that Orange County Honda dealers have many used models to choose from which all have low miles and are very efficient. For me the idea of buying a Honda Civic is appealing as I am partial to the compact size and great economy of owning and driving the car. I would be happy with a 2-door sporty version of the vehicle, but my wife wants a 4-door model to fit the kids into more easily.

With the wide selection of automobiles offered through the Orange County used car dealerships we are finding that it is not as easy as we believed to make up our collective minds about which of the Orange County Honda models to choose. Although we have narrowed our search down to the Civic, there is still some debate about buying a hybrid and whether or not we really need 2-doors or 4.

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