Emergency Vehicle Decals


emergency vehicle decals for model cars

The main types of emergency services that exist are Fire, Police and Ambulance. We could get technical and add a myriad of private sector emergency services like Search and Rescue, Westpac rescue chopper (assuming you both Australian based AND into customising and building scale model helicopters) as well as all the EMT and US based Ambulance services – in fact I think that just makes it even more confusing since America have so many private health services – see here in Australia we have a public health system that actually works (debatable) and part of this is a universal ambulance service – meaning we only have one type of ambulance neenawing their way through traffic to take the sick and dying to emergency. In America I imagine there are 50+ types of ambulances that take people to hospital – meaning if you needed ambulance decals for your next build it could get very confusing!

police decals for model cars

Police Decals

Police decals – ok things get a little trickier here because while I harped on about the fact there are heaps of different types of ambulances in America and how replicating each and every one in decal form would be next to impossible, the Police Decals that need to be produced need to reflect at least a small sample of the various designs of police cars that exist throughout the world. In Australia for example, where as previously mentioned with ambulances we like to keep things simple, the police presence is a different story. Not only do we have a slightly different designed police car in each state, we also have slightly different livery on the cars depending on their duty. Highway Patrol are high performance V8s that are usually adorned with bright orange livery on top of the usual police checkers. This of course is why they go faster – it has nothing to do with the engine – but then everyone knows that. :p

Ambulance Decals

We already went through this briefly but to recap – there is only one type of Ambulance in Australia and the decals we provide are designed to reflect this design. Keep in mind that this design is red and white (see image below) and is kinda reflective of a generic ambulance. The international symbol for medicine, the serpent wrapped around the rod of Greek God Asclepius (a deity associated with healing and medicine) will also be included in the Ambulance decal pack so that you can combine them with the racing stripes pack and make any type of ambulance you see fit.

emergency vehicle decals for model cars

The Red Cross which forms part of the Australian ambulance design is also a generic symbol associated with health and hospitals and as such will be included (along with a selection of red stripes and checkers) so you can make a scale model of an Ambulance just like the one you see NeeNawing through traffic every other day.

emergency vehicle decals for model cars

Firefighter Decals

Firefighter decals (1300) and fire decals (390) and fire truck decals (210) and fire department decals (210) and firefighter car decals (210)

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emergency vehicle decals for model cars

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