Considering Text And Graphics When Creating A Webpage


Considering Text And Graphics When Creating A Webpage
Businesses and individuals everywhere are realizing the importance of sharing information online. This information is typically shared via a webpage. Businesses will use a webpage to promote a product or service they offer. Individuals are creating a webpage to either share personal information or to promote a service or product as consultant.

Therefore, many are moving towards creating a webpage for various reasons. A webpage requires specific criteria in order for it to be successful. The steps involved are various, but two of the main components that impact website viewers are text and graphics.

A webpage uses different types of texts for various kinds of information. For example, sometimes a paragraph will need to be used when creating a webpage while other times a list is more appropriate. HTML code is used when creating the various types of text within a webpage. These codes need to be understood by individuals in the development phase of a webpage.

HTML code is not very difficult and many codes are quite predictable. Every webpage will have a title and the HTML code for the title is . This code is placed at the beginning and end of the text that should appear as the title. To create different size fonts, numbers are used in HTML code. The numbers 1 through 6 are used with the number 1 being the largest possible font. The code for large font would be . This would take the heading and convert it into the largest font possible. Similar HTML codes are used for listing, starting a paragraph, and bulleting items when creating a webpage.

Graphics are another important component when creating a webpage. Graphics can be clip art or actual pictures. There are two ways to include graphics when creating a webpage. The first way is to use a graphic from another website and the second way is to upload a graphic to ones personal account. When using a graphic from another page, it is important to use the URL for that graphic and input that into the website being created. The problem with this method is that if the person who originally uploaded the graphic decides to delete the picture, the graphic on the new page will appear as a square with an x inside. To use a graphic in ones account, a person simply needs to use HTML code and type in the graphics name.

Text and graphics are important elements when creating a webpage. These two components are easy to understand and with practice a great webpage can be created.

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