Computer Graphics And Virtual Actors? Computer Honeypot (1)


Computer Graphics And Virtual Actors? Computer Honeypot (1)

1. Who is the savior   Have seen the “Matrix” series, a friend will not feel strange hero Ronaldinho, who broke into the virtual world of the programmer again and again interpreted the “savior” role, to protect the urban population, its image mammoth. Left

Film After the majority of computer users we have to face is another Yizhenyijia digital virtual world?? Network, where many of the same latent danger, there is also “The Matrix”, but have not Antonio this person presence, we can see, the only kinds of

Security Manufacturers and they offer security tools, in addition, seems to have no other choice.

Consequently, many users of various security tools to look into the world of “savior”, we see a lot of security tools

Advertisement We buy popular anti-virus software market, once a week we heard the “new virus warning” hurry to upgrade when the virus signatures database, we have every week on

Computer For a long virus scan … … many people do, many people have to do this, because we put all that to the anti-virus tools, we need to do nothing, we simply wanton look online chat Movie next software, because we have anti-virus tools are available a “real-time monitoring” function, it will check every moment we have just download the file, and we feel very safe, we think this is network defense.

But is this really so beautiful it? Vaguely remember that word seems to say so, “no matter what you do, you inevitably have to pay a certain price,” we are complacent in the enjoyment of security brought by the antivirus defense tool, we also pay the corresponding cost. Why? Because the removal tool is a time when the system starts to shut down or start to run until the time when the user exits it will stop running programs, their efficiency of detection and defense mechanisms and Ronaldinho can not be compared. Here is a simple example, people who learned about programming knows, is the most difficult chess program written in perfect, because the moves of chess has never been a fixed pattern, we can create a lot of tricks, but the program can not, it only judge in accordance with the limited mechanisms to determine how to get every move, which is why many of today’s chess programs look like a fool reason. Some people might say, to make a strong chess program to take the law are met as far as possible be included in the family to stay, and the chess program necessarily invincible. This is feasible, but the resulting price is per person, and it may have to spend playing chess lifetime, because the chess program at each step until all possible, should the circumstances encountered ” thinking “again, this time as to pay the price, if you want to shorten the time, we must think at the same time to process a variety of moves, but with time, the price becomes a huge drain on system resources?? you can bear Why?

The same defects are antivirus software happen, we know that most antivirus software is a “signature” technology to search for the virus, that is, anti-virus software engine reads the contents of a program or file, and with own database stored procedures have been identified as virus-specific code to match a certain body, if they are the same, anti-virus software on the “confirm” this file as a virus. With a large virus family, the database size growth to the point can not be ignored, also slow the speed of loading. And each additional virus signatures database, anti-virus engine would increase the branch of a judge, the time will be extended accordingly, in order to avoid the need to scan a document the embarrassment of a half-hour, anti-virus software will use a variety of programs to improve the matching speed However, without exception, these programs must be crazy exploitation of the user’s system resources, if a computer’s configuration is not very high, then the user check narcotics, he basically can not do other work properly, and find

TV station Slowly watching TV dramas it, this is the Neo price.

So who is our Saviour? The answer is?? You. Can never trust only themselves, if you work hard, everyone can do Ronaldinho, but this is a cost, because it changed the consumption of system resources consumption of the brain, to determine branch and experience to write my mind, efficiency in dealing with the branch, the people will never be flexible than the procedure, but this way will not be dependent on the vicious

Cycle , And left the anti-virus software, we have to learn on their own to protect themselves from the virtual world of hurt. Now, let us do it their savior.

2. To do your own savior

Child had seen a story, “another aggression” of the human space invaders defeated a kind gift of human

Crystal As long as human took it like a kind items, the item will appear in front of their own, so everyone has been immersed in the endless enjoyment in, no one was to delve into science and technology of national defense, and several decades later, the human began to emerge degradation. This time, the universe again visit the earth invaders, this time they only used a whip on the conquered article, the last man into the cage before being expelled, he turned around and said something vague words?? Even his tongue was almost degraded, perhaps he said: “The earth finished.”

Story may only be nothing more than fantasy, but it is similar to the behavior of contemporary place, if a user suspect their computer infected with a back door, his first reaction will probably open the removal tool. Too dependent on the human story of the magic crystal, in reality we are too dependent on convenient and efficient anti-virus software! One may object, as convenient to use the tools to protect computer security, why should I bother to learn security defense? So the user does not want to think of the complexity of the network can break into the computer’s “guest” is not a major security tool vendors wanted list of members, as part of the network is also popular with small-scale use and has not been made public, “private back door “(for example most of the DDoS tools are actually the back door to write their own use), the ability of people can write their own” private back door “, and then put through a variety of ways the implementation of someone else’s computer. At this time, “the virus signature database” technology began to reveal the limitations of being infected with the “private back door” of the user

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