Compliment Rich Digital signage with attractive Graphics and Text


Compliment Rich Digital signage with attractive Graphics and Text


One of the most effective ways of displaying messages to a specific audience is through digital signage content.  As a matter of fact surveys reveal that today Americans prefer digital signage for its visual appeal and information that it provides as compared to static content delivery.Though digital signage is preferred by many companies as a cost effective advertising option today, it is not effective enough without a strong and powerful content. One way is through video with a rich aural experience. Another is integration of a visually pleasing combination of text and graphics.


Content you create must be suited to your audience and must look effective enough to make a good impact and provide maximum benefits. Before you design the digital signage, take time to look around the location where you are going to place the screens. Notice the prominent colors around in that area. Keeping this in mind, work out the basic color scheme for the signage. In order to keep your signage cohesive, work with just a few select colors.


Take time to choose the most attractive fonts for text and especially for headings. The font you choose must be easy to read and it is recommended to use uniform text styles for all the digital signage content. This helps keep messages coherent, consistent and easy to read.


On the screen, test the fonts and choose the best one that reads well. Test different sizes of fonts on the smallest LCD or plasma screen you will be using for display. Stand at a distance and determine the font size that reads legibly from that distance. Choose larger fonts, preferably non-serif style, as after all, the content and message has to reach the audience as quickly and effectively as possible. 


The next step is to write down a list of information and messages you want to convey to viewers through the digital signage. The next step is to write short messages you think is appropriate next to each topic. Keep sentences easy to understand and brief. For longer messages it is a good idea breaking the content into short sentences to be displayed in sequence on the signage.  Even single words can be effective, if the correct word is used with the correct graphic or image.


An excellent method of attracting the attention of viewers is to display an image with each topic. In order to enter the text, be sure to include space. Include attractive graphics in the image over which the digital signage content can be displayed. Alternately, you can also enter the text on the plain background behind the graphic. 

On the simplest and plain part of the image, enter the text. For this you must work on each image file separately using the best image editing software. Text must be easy to read and it is a good idea using darker fonts over lighter backgrounds. If you choose lighter fonts, be sure to use dark backgrounds.  You can create dynamic content with moving designs and text on the images using Adobe Flash. Text and graphics which alternately fade in and out are preferable to those which pop up and out.


Every piece of important message you want to convey to readers must be included in the content schedule of the play list. You can allow images to fade out and in as they appear on the screen if you have no time to work on individual files.


The trick is to work on powerful digital signage content and display it in the most effective manner to enjoy maximum benefits. Text and graphics should interlink in the viewer’s mind to convey a lasting impression.



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