Choosing The Right Business Van Vehicle In Hong Kong – Top Models


Choosing The Right Business Van Vehicle In Hong Kong – Top Models
The initial days of starting or expanding a business can be exciting, but difficult – these are times when you have to spend money with a view to making money later on, when you have all the ideas and are waiting for them to come to fruition. These are also the days when planning for the future is crucial, and you’ll be making decisions that either cripple your business later on, or allow it to grow its own wings and fly. Your vehicle plays a significant part in your business’s success – today we check out how you can choose the best available Hong Kong vehicle or Hong Kong car for your business needs, as well as looking at the benefits of some top models.

Guidelines for Choosing a Hong Kong Vehicle for Business
When you’re looking at all the different models of Hong Kong vehicle available for business purposes, keep the following framework in mind to help you sort the wheat from the chaff for your business:

– Set down your basic requirements, and stick to them. Don’t be swayed into thinking that a cheaper van will be okay if it doesn’t quite match your requirements.
– Remember that a business vehicle budget can be negotiable, if you use alternative financing strategies such as novated leases, regular leases and business loans.
– Remember to factor in the running costs of any Hong Kong vehicle you consider for your business into your budgeting calculations
– Go for quality rather than price – respected brands of Hong Kong new cars such as Mercedes-Benz Hong Kong make vehicles that pay back their extra cost in reliability, excellent presentation and improved branding … therefore, more loyal and higher-spending customers.

Top Hong Kong Vehicle Business Pick – Mercedes Vito

The Hong Kong Mercedes Vito is a classic choice of business van. The model is highly customizable, with a choice of 2 different wheelbase lengths, 3 vehicle lengths, 2 roof heights, and tonnages from 2.8t to 3.2t GVW. It also has numerous engine variants, all of which come with the Mercedes-Benz stamp of engineering precision and quality. You can choose from a 5 speed auto or 6 speed manual. It’s a comfortable vans to be in for most of the days, and also features extra safety technology like ADAPTIVE ESP, ABS, a third brake light, halogen fog lamps, trailer stability assist and a driver airbag. Safety for the environment is also a focus, as with most of Mercedes-Benz’s Hong Kong luxury cars and Hong Kong sports cars – the Vito has a diesel particulate filter and excellent fuel economy figures.

Top Hong Kong Vehicle Business Pick – BMW X5

It isn’t quite a standard business van, but the BMW X5 is fantastic for carrying a few employees or a little bit of equipment around, without compromising visibility, drivability or comfort too much. It is actually a luxury crossover SUV, and has some neat innovations comparable to the Mercedes-Benz Hong Kong Vito. X5s have a unique rear framing section to protect rear occupants in the event of a crash, they include BMW’s iDrive system as standard, and come with a variety of different engines (though only one type of body).

Top Hong Kong Vehicle Business Pick – Volkswagen Transporter
The Volkswagen Transporter is definitely more of a standard business van than the X5, made for moving cargo rather than people. VW’s are known for their reliability, much like the Mercedes-Benz Vitos, and in another parallel with the Vito come with a variety of different wheelbase, body length, roof height and transmission options.

As one of the world’s most exciting and prestigious brand,Mercedes Benz Hong Kong offers luxury passenger cars in Hong Kong and Macau.

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