Changes Start From The Bottom Channel Of Fission How-4s 4s Model Shop, Model, Change – Automotive


Changes Start From The Bottom Channel Of Fission How-4s 4s Model Shop, Model, Change – Automotive
4S shop once live very beautiful. Dealers to pursue her, her heart in order to get at big bucks. A few years ago, a new access to China Market The well-known brands choose authorized dealers when the car has attracted more than 3,000 candidates to compete with the gallant. Consumer fascination with her, to 4S store to see car is stylish, elegant in decor, and huge glass wall bright, uniform, staff uniform, all people sincerely believe that, despite high prices, her products and services must be the best of.

However, aged beauty, Chinese automobile market Developing Fission channels are brought, 4S model of brilliant, but also appears to have gradually faded from the soles of the feet.

Investors scaled back Fortune of Wang Hua from the garment industry would like changed, but so the prosperity of the domestic private car let him smug. Recently, he frequently visited a number of automotive industry professionals, including journalists, I want to research whether the cost-effective investment in a 4S shop. However, the research result that scaled back the king of China. He told reporters calculations, a medium-scale 4S shop rent for 1.5 million yuan per year, the first renovation would cost 1 million yuan, at least 60 employees to 3,000 yuan per person per month basis, labor costs close to 200 a year million, the company’s office expenses for one year at least 1 million yuan, the fixed expenses of these together is at least 5.5 million yuan, together with other inputs such as equipment, taxes, the cost of a year approximately 8 million yuan. In accordance with the Medium cars cost about 2,000 yuan net profit calculation, the annual sales of 4,000 vehicles take an average of the monthly sales of 333, the pressure too much.

Not long ago, a Beijing BYD 4S shop quietly withdraw from the market. Beijing Asian Games Village Automobile Exchange Market Su Hui, general manager told reporters that Beijing’s 4S stores have one-third of losses at the loss of one third of the edge, only one-third of profits. He said that led to 4S store does not make money because, in addition to the automotive market more competitive, bid farewell to the profits of the times, the manufacturers continue to expand the channel size is also important promoter.

Reporter saw in the new Asian market, most models are ones who enjoy a great extent, such as Shanghai GM Chevrolet Epica, the maximum profit of 24,000 yuan to Dongfeng Honda Civic also has 2 million to none other, but once the hot-selling models Changan Ford Focus, the lowest price has been close to 100,000 yuan. Even so, the new Asian city hall is still desolate integrated marketing.

Rising operating costs, declining sales and thinning profit, 4S stores have the card with the neck, make it difficult to breathe. In this context, loss of taste was forced to chew the 4S shop, more will come.

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