Ceramic decorative coloring agents and printing techniques – Sludge Pump EZG – Slurry Pump EHR manufacturer


Ceramic decorative coloring agents and printing techniques – Sludge Pump EZG – Slurry Pump EHR manufacturer
I. Ceramics Decorative coloring agent used mainly inorganic oxides, such as:   White?? Magnesium oxide, magnesium carbonate, Alumina , Calcium borate, titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, arsenate, antimony oxide, cerium compounds and metal silver. Gray?? Platinum, iridium, rhodium, palladium, ruthenium, osmium, soluble salts, antimony trioxide dust and iridium, etc.. Ink?? Iron oxide , Chromium, cobalt, manganese, Nickel And so the mixture, pyrolusite, iridium oxide, etc.. Yellow?? Dioxide, Rutile , Tin barium, chromium acid, lead chromate, cadmium sulfide, sulfide gold, gold and other metals. Orange?? Rutile, iron titanate, basic lead chromate, chromite, uranium yellow and cadmium sulfide, etc.. Two methods of ceramic decoration Mud colored ceramic decoration can use blanks, Glaze Color, glaze color and glaze color in several ways. Coloring agent is divided into: Blank mud stain: The Pigment Mixed compound fired at the bad shape. Which requires the coloring agent for making billet handle the work can not be any reaction; Enamel coloring agent: dry blanks for decoration, unglazed white porcelain blanks or after firing, the glaze in its health facilities to conduct the glaze firing. Required in the normal and the glaze firing temperature may not react at the same time not flow or patterns fuzzy; Glaze colorants: products used to decorate the surface of the glaze after firing decoration, requires relatively low firing temperature (700 ~ 900 ) can be securely attached under the glaze on, can not penetrate the glaze and flow. 3, the raw material of ceramic glaze Enamel raw materials include alkaline, acidic and neutral three kinds of components. Basic components of flux, such as alkali metals, alkaline earth metal, zinc oxide, and most of the coloring oxides or chromophore; neutral components of gender oxide, the main body of alumina, iron oxide and manganese oxide sometimes, also out into the components; acid composition of representative oxide, silica, phosphate, zirconia, fluoride caries panic Ci Guo Mountain snipe? Huan love Nao role, Mang? know anger fishy peptone evil ape species threaten school??? coin book more than the brother line turns wholesale? White Male disaster province? / P> 4, the purpose of ceramic glazing 1) make green bodies of liquid and gas permeability has not 2) Body surface covered by defects, the role played cover; improve product surface smoothness to the surface of various Finishing Also can increase the strength and beauty utensils. 3) to prevent the green body staining, glazing, even if contamination is also easy to wash. 4) and play a role in green body, glaze and mold and make a whole. 5, indirect ceramic decoration technology Indirect ceramic decoration technology into ceramic glaze ceramic underglaze decals decals and the two processes. 6, the indirect method ( Print Law) Make Ceramic Decal method Ceramic Decal printing production methods are three kinds, namely, hand-carved Copper Ceramic Decal gravure gravure, offset and large film decal Screen Printing Thin film decal. 7, ceramic green body composed of raw materials Main materials used in ceramics Feldspar , Quartz, Kaolin And so on. 8, ceramic glaze decal decal process is divided into categories according to Ceramic glaze floral decal affixed by different transfer decals can be divided into paper and film decal transfer two types of flowers. 9, decorative use of organic Adhesive , DECORATED should be how to deal with With applique, hand colored, screen printing and other methods of ceramic decorations need to use some of the organic adhesive, such adhesive color burn in the beginning of the period should be so gradual evaporation or combustion, and the flux must be completely eliminated before the beginning of melting .

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