Cars For No Strike At Loss


Cars For No Strike At Loss
Many feared that the driver when there is traffic jam. In addition to worry about running out of fuel, nightmares that haunt when congestion is the increase in engine temperature, triggering the car broke down.

Well, to avoid excessive engine heat, one way to do is consider the condition of the engine coolant (coolant) on the radiator.

Collant or commonly referred to as antipembekuan result is a liquid mixture of ethylene or propylene glycol and water. Usually the ratio of mineral substances that range from 50/50.
Should Replace coolant?

Yes, this action needs to be done because the use of coolant is too long causes the accumulation of sand. Sand that is too excessive able menurup cooling canal system.
Why to Do?

In a certain phase, coolant quality may decline due to hot and dirty environment. In addition, the corrosion on the radiator guard could result in the deposition of dirt on the coolant.
What Happens When Not Done?

Deposition of dirt is too much potential to close the cooling canal system, thus causing the engine cooling flows disrupted. When this happens, the machine easy to heat and trigger a strike. If you have this, a series of more crucial problem in the engine can occur. You certainly do not want to pocket more to it.
How much coolant replacement interval?

Check the coolant in futures. In general, the vehicle’s manual is written how many coolant change interval.

However, there is the easiest way to find out his condition. Fairly good quality coolant when the engine when cold, the level of coolant in the reserve tube does not exceed the minimum threshold boundary line. Or, when the heat engine, the coolant level is still below the maximum threshold.

Turn off mobile phones when fuel Contents

Some of us are often desperate to operate or activate or use a cell phone when the car / motorcycle during refueling at the pump. In fact it is so dangerous.

Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce (VACC) remind all motorists to turn off mobile phones while filling their car fuel.

According to the VACC, the equipment that operates using a battery can cause sparks that can burn the fuel vapor into the tank car. Risk of fires at the pump from the use of HP, may be low, but still risky.

Static electricity is a common cause of fires. That is why the riders and officials are required to attend a gas station in Victoria VACC warning for safety. In fact, gas stations, gas stations there have put a sticker ban on mobile phone activation.

“We must not forget that the gas station where a potential hazard and when filling the fuel is an activity that has the potential danger,” said David Purchase, VACC executive director.

Purchase also recognizes there are many car and motorcycle riders who ignore this prohibition. “This is a serious problem. The driver, mobile phone manufacturers and gas stations must take seriously this matter.

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