Cars Connected Online


Cars Connected Online

Ever since cell phones became an essential commodity, being connected at all times – wherever you happen to be – has been of increasing importance to people, both in their professional and private lives. With so much of our time being spent getting from A to B, connecting cars to the internet and with each other was a natural step forward, and is now being seen in more models around the world.

The advent of satellite navigation systems was one of the major steps forward in driving technology, making it more convenient and expedient for motorists to find their way, especially in unfamiliar neighbourhoods. Sat nav systems are not infallible, of course, but by combining in-built systems with internet connections, you could conceivably receive all the information necessary to help you get to and fro and minimise mistakes.

Staying connected isn’t just about cutting down on fuel and avoiding detours though, with constant access to emails being just as important as phone connections for many people. Having access to the internet could also be a great way to entertain passengers, especially children, on longer road journeys. However, just like any other driving distraction, those with Wi-Fi capability in their cars should be sure not to use the systems when they’re behind the wheel and the vehicle is moving, or to get distracted by the online activities of their fellow passengers.

The prominent danger of increasing the amount of technology in cars is that there are now more gadgets and systems vying for the driver’s attention than ever. While safety issues are surely down to the driver’s own behaviour and personal discretion, some have viewed Wi-Fi connections and other devices in cars as presenting too high a risk to be justified. Some have even called for outright bans, allegedly for the safety of all road users, who they believe may be involved in more accidents and need to repair a windshield crack and worse due to the irresponsible web surfing activities of other drivers.

The good news for detractors is that Wi-Fi is still some way from becoming a reality for the majority of road users, with only a limited number of vehicles, such as Chrysler and Cadillac models, currently incorporating the connections. However, like any emerging technology, in-car internet is expected to catch on fast, meaning that within a few years there may be no escaping the ever-present internet connection – at home, at work or out on the road.

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