Building a New Home


Building a New Home

If you have never had a new home built, it can be a daunting task. In order to start the process you need to know what’s involved. I’m hoping this article can give you at least an idea of what’s involved.

1. When selecting the right property for your home you’ll need to make yourself a check list of what you are wanting in a lot. If you don’t choose the right location, it could ruin the entire experience.

2. Spend as much time as possible in the design stage of your home. Sit with your spouse and create a dream sheet or sketch of what you’re wanting. Make sure there are enough bathrooms for your family and special area’s for things like crafts and hobbies. Bedroom locations and sizes are very important also. Consider what areas of the house will be used for the entire family. Is there an adequate Family Room, Kitchen and Dining area? One major aspect of a home that is overlooked is storage. Make sure this also is one of your considerations.

3. Take your sketches or dream sheet to a qualified Architect, Designer or Home Drafter and see what ideas they may have that you have missed. Then hire the one you feel most comfortable in dealing with. It will be their job to make sure your home meets building codes and requirements and flows the way you intend it to.

4. Interview as many contractors as possible. Check their references and ask to see some of their completed jobs. Once you decide on a contractor, make sure that you have one special set of plans for you and your contractor to sign off on. As construction proceeds and changes are made, note them on that special set of plans and both of you initial the change so that when the job is complete, it will be reflected on the set of drawings so there are no surprises. Try not to take possession of the new home until all is complete and you are satisfied with the craftsmanship.

5. If you have to go through a plan review with a HMO or building inspector, either your designer or contractor can handle this for you. It’s probably best to have to one who drew the plans handle this process as whatever changes that have to be made with the plans won’t have to pass through a middle man.

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